Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new chapter has begun

Ramadan has officially begun - at the beginning of August. Not quite half way done but already looking forward to it being over. Not being able to eat anythign or drink anything ALL DAY LONG is HARD!!!! Really really hard! Especially since this Ramadan I would take the same perspective of Christian Lent - you know, around easter where the christians give something up for the sake of God? Well I figured that i would do something during Ramadan to honour God and the relationship that I have with him.

So I figured that I would wear the hijab - head covering - since this is not something I would normally do... I get WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too warm. Hubby let me buy some new head scarves and caps so that I could do it correctly. I don't know if it's the shape of my head but if I don't wear the cap and try to only wear the scarf, the scarf slips back and uncovers my hair. Now really, what's the point of wearing the hijab if I'm not covering my hair?! That IS the hole point of a hijab. So now that I have the caps and thinner scarves, I've been doing it for almost 2 weeks. It's been good so far - but let me tell ya, you get sooooo warm. Espcially when doing patient care.

And speaking of patient care - I started my new job - in the hospital, on the neurology unit. Which is neurology with a side of medicine. Not a lot of active neurology on the unit at the moment. Today was my second day of orientation. I already feel at home. The reason for this is that I did my pre grad placement on this very same unit last year so I already know my way around and the team and the doctors.

Remembering me is another story! SOOOO many of them keep asking me if I'm a student, guess I still look a little unsure maybe, who knows! Always telling one person or another that nope, I've been here before. Then comes the question of when and thus having to explain that I was there last year for my pre grad and who my preceptor was - and that usually sparks some recognition. Though, many ppl say that I look dramatically different with my hijab on. I mean, even one of the nurses that I worked closely with last year (BFF with my preceptor), said that he didn't recognize me, but only by my voice. Thankfully his BFF (and my preceptor) was there and smacked him and was like "you dork, it's Dee, the student I had with me last year" DUHHHH! LOL

Tomorrow (Thurs), I have my skills mastery course - runs thurs, fri, mon - to teach some of the expanded scope skills that RPN's (registered practical nurses) use at this hospital - blood administration, IV initiation, phlebotomy - to name a few. So this should be slightly interesting. I've already taken the IV initiation and phlebotomy course so that will be a repeat but it will give me a chance to brush up on my skills and practice a bit.

Oh, also speaking of early - I HATE DAY SHIFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loath them! My body just DOESN'T wake up that early.... and guess what line I was hired for???? DAYS & EVENINGS!!!! I talked to my manager and he explained that I'm obligated to work 20% of either of them - so I have to be conscious of what my schedule looks like, don't want to get in trouble when I go to trade my days for something better!

Suppose I should head to bed, have to get up early to go to this thing.