Sunday, May 7, 2017


Off on a new adventure I go again.

I leave from little tyke in t- 28 hrs. Hubby's coming with me to help pack up and move me from my current apartment in my present US state, to a more southern US state and into a hotel for 10 weeks that my hospital is footing the bill for!!! Sweet right! At least this way, it'll give me an opportunity to figure out the city and where I want to live and where the best restaurants and stores are. Get my feet in the door at least before figuring a few things out.

 I'm really hoping that this time I will get a fair shake and that the people that are supposed to be supporting me and helping me to succeed will actually do so.

I don't know whether I'll be working in the NICU or whether I'm going to be in PCU (progressive care unit - ie step-down ICU). I will be meeting with my person who is going to determine that all by the end of next week. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I end up in the NICU because that's really where my heart lies but who knows what God's plan is and what this person who is assessing me will determine!

At the end of the week, hubby and I are hitting up the water park. We're pretty excited about that. Hubby doesn't like rollar coasters but for some reasons water park rides he's ok with, either way, I'm alright with that! So we're going to make a day or two of it and spend some nice quality tim together.

We tend to argue when we travel (if he wouldn't be so stressed out and stop listening and stop being patient, it would be alright.... but alas, he's soooooooooo bad) so I'm hoping against hope that THIS time is going to be different. I'm delusional, but who knows, maybe he'll surprise me. HA! We'll see. Anyways, it'll be a few days before I get on here again I'm sure. Wish me luck!