Saturday, July 22, 2017

My place in the new world

I know it's been such a long time since I've updated.

I've gotten through the first part of training. I've gotten into NICU, but learned only recently that I'm not starting the next part of my training for another MONTH (which is almost complete I must add)!!!!

So I'm going home to visit!

But in the meantime, I'm moving out of the hotel that my hospital put me up in and moving into a house with two other ppl - a male and a female. I only got to meet the guy - he's from Venezuela, but he's young. The girl is from Pennsylvania, but that's all I know.

The program that I have gone through, so far, I have to say has been pretty awesome. I feel like it has given me the information that I lacked from the other place.

I found a text book I want to buy that educates me all about NICU. Especially because part of my evaluation has to do with my knowledge bit.  So I figure that this will help with that. But I know that people see a "know it all" and so I worry that if I don't have the knowledge that I will suffer but that if I do, then this will rear its ugly head again.

When I do return I have a day to settle in (tho that involves a lot of other things called running around!) and unpacking and when I did "move in" to said new place, I pretty much dumped all my stuf into my room and that was that. So when I do get back, I have to "unpack" my room and put things in their rightful place. I still have to meet my other house mate. I sure do hope that she's nice and sweet and a good house mate.

Then the next day I have simulation, where I meet my "play mates" - my colleagues who are to be with me on my trek thru this new adventure this next year thru. Unlike the rest of them, I'm in it for at least three years (more if I have it my way!) but the rest of them do not have a contract and so they're just in it for a year because we're all in under "new grad orientation program" banner. I was told that there's 14 in the peds section, but I'm not sure how many in the NICU in particular, but I know for sure that there's only 9 preceptors for NICU ppl including me - unless that's changed.... at least that's what I was told. Hopefully this group will e more like friends and less like a clique - I'm not really holding out much hope.

While I've been here I've had the chance to go North and visit my family in hometown - I went out to my parents cottage and it was awesome....

This is my happy place

Best of all was that my best friend was on maternity leave and so she was able to spend days with me. And my mom took a couple of days off to spend time with us. I spent a lovely week there hanging out with family and loving on my kids and my parents and my best friend.

However, that trip cost me dearly as I stopped for "speeding" not once but TWICE!!! I couldn't even believe it because when I had been stopped the first time, I ensure that I didn't move the car until I knew how to use the rental car's cruise control, cause that's what helped cause the first speeding, cause I couldn't figure it out in the first place and so I wasn't using it and I wasn't paying attention to how fast I was actually going. My fault for sure. But the second time I made sure to use it and so there was no way that I was speeding, so I don't know how I managed that one! Both cops were right assholes. And ppl wonder why no one likes them, they never give proper people any kind of leeway or freebies. Such dicks! Cost me a pretty penny to say the least. Almost cost me my trip to Disney!

Because hubby has decided that come September, we're going to go to Disney! YAY! I'm excited, I've always wanted to go but my parents have always said that we were too poor (or that Disney was too expensive - which ever way you want to take it). So it's pretty special that hubby and I get to bring little tyke and it's all our first times together. I'm really really looking forward to it. Now I'm in the planning phase. I was looking at doing the princess tea party.... it's $135 ya'll!!!!! OMG that's bloody expensive. I couldn't believe it. AND, the "gifts" that of course little tyke will want cost $150!!! Geeze.... how in the WORLD can they believe that those things that they peddle are worth that amount?! Goodness knows. Wowzers! So now we're thinking a meal at Cinderella's table. We'll see if we can get in though.

For now I'm spending time with little tyke. My migraines have been pretty bad. I think it's probably to do with the stress level around here, the noise level and where we are above sea level. Who knows really. Either way, when I get back I'm going to try to get in to see the headache clinic that I found. I'm hoping that my insurance covers them. When I get back, shortly thereafter I have an appointment with a new GP to set up things with one. Supposedly this one is pretty new out of school so hopefully they have a pretty open mind and are good working with me. We'll see though. Like I said... finding my place in the new world!