Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Going to the capital of my country

Tomorrow bright and early we're leaving home and heading to Ottawa, Canada.

We're going to the largest waterpark in all of Canada; Calypso

I still have yet to figure out how tall little tyke is, I'm hoping that she's tall enough to go on the majority of the rides.

Another day we're going to take in a few things in and around the city....

A restaurant/lounge/cafe where we get to hang out as a family, have a snack/treat and play a couple of board games.... AWESOMENESS!!!! There's this one game that hubby and I really enjoyed playing before little tyke came along and I've wanted to buy it several times but it's like $80 and so we never have.... I'm putting my foot down that if it's available to purchase when we go (the one place sells some of the games as well) then I'm buying it (and maby more!).

Another part of the day we're going to hit up a farm where you can get up close and personal with the animals. And to go along with this we're going to hit up the agriculture and food museum where I'm hoping we have fun and have a bit of learning as well.

I asked hubby if he wanted to hit up the parliament building and go on a tour or do stuff more appropriate for little tyke, he chose stuff for little tyke.

There's also Hog Back Falls that we're going to go to - perhaps grab some take out and have a picnic at the falls, that would be nice.

There's the Byward market that I want to go check out, it's right around the corner from the boardgame place I'll probably kill two birds with one stone.

And perhaps if we have enough time we may go to a trampoline place to expend some energy that little tyke has pent up. Not sure if we'll get to this or not but at least I have it if that's how we decide to go.

And if we're bored enough and have some times on our hands then we may go to a cinema where the movies are only $5!!! Hopefully they don't try to make up for this by charging an arm and a leg for popcorn and pop!

I've found some really yummy places to go to eat - some BBQ, a mexican joint and a place that if we are in the mood for brunch then we have it!

Oh boy I can't wait! hopefully this will recharge my batteries and get me ready to undertake another heavy loaded course. I'm sure I'll have fun, hopefully  hubby can be patient for this trip - he tends to get very anxious and tends to cope very poorly when we're on trips and he lashes out. He said that he would "work on it", I hope he does!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I've been thinking lately about graduation. Ever since I got through the one course (not this last one) that has been the bane of my existence I have had trouble not thinking about the end - graduation

I have been taking this program for 3 years - getting my readings done, assignments completed and group projects accomplished.

I have 15 months left until I (hopefully) finish this program.

IF I finish next year (which I sure hope I do!) it will have taken me 15 years to obtain my BSN

I have 6 courses in my way to get my degree

I have 4 nursing courses to get through

I have 2 english courses that must be completed by the end of  next semester

By the end of April I will have gotten through 4 courses - both english courses and 2 of the nursing courses.

By that point I will have gotten through 2 clinicals - I hope! I will certainly try my hardest to make all these numbers a reality! But they really are doing my head in to think about. I want so badly to be at the finish line - to see my course's final mark and knowing that the only thing that stands in my way of being a registered nurse is the NCLEX!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another down, one more closer to the goal

This week was my final week for my summer semester. I completed my leadership course - with a 99.3%!!!!

What a relief - this will give me a A+ in the course which will help bring my GPA up - because I know with the course I'm taking next will be a doozie!

My next course will be critical care and while I'm excited for it, the teacher isn't very helpful and she makes her tests/exams really difficult. So I'm certainily not looking forward to that aspect!

What I AM looking forward to is the critical care aspect - it's an area I want to focus in for my career so I'm looking forward to what this entails.

It's hard not to think that at this point next year (God willing [inshallah]) I will be taking my final course. It makes me very excited to get this done and the next chapter of my life underway. It's been such a long time coming. This time next year will mark my 15th year of trying to get my BSN - and while I've certainly not taken the direct path, at least I'm getting to my end mark.

I can't wait to prove those who thought I couldn't do it wrong - to prove that I'm resilient and can be a competent RN.

I can't wait til I'm walking across the stage to get my degree - boy will that be a day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Helicopter parenting & friendship

Today was the big day - the cast is off!!!  I point blank asked the doc how long I needed to be a helicopter parent for - I think I threw him off a bit!

"I mean, how long do I need to obsess about her risk for refracturing - to monitor every little thing she does so that she doesn't do summersaults or cartwheels or pick up stuff she shouldn't be"

"oh.... two weeks"

face palm!!!

How in the WORLD am I going to parent this child ensuring that she doesn't cause damage and continues to heal for two more weeks?! It seems hopeless.

She's a daring child, often silly and ALWAYS active. Hell, that's how we're in this mess in the first place!

Oh and if THIS isn't prophetic - we were sitting in the line waiting to register for the fracture clinic to see the Doc and the woman behind us was commenting about her grandchild and how when they removed his cast that the child refractured it and had to undergo surgery to repair! Geeze! I hope like hell this doesn't happen to us!

On a completely different note....

I was talking to my fellow nursing student (4 hrs total - I killed the phone so we had to let each other go! HAHAHA) and the topics varied (as 4 hr conversations go!) and one of them happened to be about friends.... I mentioned that hubby had little to no friends and that it was difficult for me because he doesn't have anyone really that he hangs out with.

Well dont' you know, hubby announces today that we're now going out for dinner with a new "friend" of his through work and his wife. It's weird how when you put it out into the world that it answers back! So now we're going out for dinner with this new friend and his wife and their 3 children as well as taking little  tyke along for the adventure. Wish us luck!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another round of testing

On friday I got a message on my voicemail indicating that I was being transferred care from one specialist to a special specialist?

I guess the results have come back on the tests that the immunologist ran has returned and so he's transferring me to someone else to have "more tests run" - but I wasn't given the results.

Now I'm in the blue as to what to think.

Obviously SOMETHING has come back positive, I just have no idea what. ERG!!! I wish I could find out the results, try to look into things so that at least I'm prepared when I go and see this new physician.

When I looked at what he specializes in I have SOME sort of idea as to what I would be seeing the guy about but no definite.

Now I have to wait 2 months before I know what the results of the tests were and what the next steps are. So bloody frustrating!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All about little tyke

Today we met with her orthopedic Dr......

T - 1 wk til the cast comes off!!!

At least tentatively because it all comes down to what the next x-ray shows.

The current one shows minimal alignment - the Dr isn't concerned by this because he said that because she's young she'll set new bone to make the current bone straight and where there's a blip, her body will eventually shave it off to make that side straight.

So now the bad news with this news..... how in the WORLD am I going to ensure that this little girl does NOT put any pressure on this newly knitting bone? Because when I asked him about whether she can put pressure on it once the cast is off he said that she shouldn't for another THREE weeks..... so what do we do to ensure that she doesn't?! When I posited this question to him, he suggested a sling.... WTH is with all these physicians suggesting slings?! He KNOWS that her broken bone is due to her having the treadmill FALL on her..... so CLEARLY she's not any ordinary little girl!!!

UGH I'm so frustrated with physicians. Can they not think outside of their little box? Strategize a way that you can save me a LOT of grief and her potentially breaking this bone again!

On a separate note - the family is heading to Pakistan. Except hubby and I!

Little tyke with go along with my MIL, FIL, and two BILs - I would love to be going but I have work and school. I don't want to be delaying getting my courses done than I absolutely have to. My MIL doesn't really understand that but at least she's accepted it. At first hubby said no about little tyke going. I think he's afraid that something's going to happen to him when we aren't there. THAT I get. But she's very Pakistani (with a good mix of white girl) and she has their appearance so she'll fit in. Plus she speaks their language fluently. I think it's vital that she understands this part of her heritage and I think she's old enough (I hope) that she will remember this trip for the rest of her life.

I wish I were going but, as I told my MIL, I want to go when I can spend a good quantity of time there - like 3+ wks..... hubby and I agreed that when I'm done school that we will make our way there. Or if my BIL gets married and we go back there to do it (they'll probably find someone to pair him up with this time around) then I'll go over. But right now is just the wrong timing. At least I can send little tyke in my place who can enjoy this trip.

This has excited little tyke like crazy. Or at least my MIL is hyping up little tyke. A couple of years ago little tyke went to England and she LOVED it! I think I'm going to have a little adventurer on my hands. I hope so. I hope she learns to love adventuring the globe and going to new places. Learns to cope with the anxiety of entering new places and doing new things. Maybe she's a globe trotter in the making! Perhaps she'll learn to see the world as a whole and not just her little part of the world. I hope that by letting her experience this at such a young age she will grow a little bit each time.

So to this I say bonvoyage little tyke, bring me back a token of your travels!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

We had someone who was suspected of having this disease - my knowledge isn't the best but I knew that it could be transmitted to others.... here's what the NIH says....

There are three major categories of CJD:
  • In sporadic CJD, the disease appears even though the person has no known risk factors for the disease. This is by far the most common type of CJD and accounts for at least 85 percent of cases.
  • In hereditary CJD, the person has a family history of the disease and/or tests positive for a genetic mutation associated with CJD. About 5 to 10 percent of cases of CJD in the United States are hereditary.
  • In acquired CJD, the disease is transmitted by exposure to brain or nervous system tissue, usually through certain medical procedures. There is no evidence that CJD is contagious through casual contact with a CJD patient. Since CJD was first described in 1920, fewer than 1 percent of cases have been acquired CJD.
No idea which category this patient had but still.... it's a prion disease that can be transmitted to others and that's what's important! Infection control wanted us to isolate the patient and maintain precautions - whatever that meant! No one told us a thing, just simply wrote an order and left!

Forward 3 hours later and the nurse was checking charts and found this order. Not knowing what to do she contacted infection control who took over an hour to call back and being told that it would be important to isolate and that for any invasive procedures that items had to be incinerated and not simply put into the garbage can OR the sharps container (even though it's a biohazard container).

Now that last bit became REAL important when at the end of shift the code button goes off on the unit and you wait a minute to see if it's real or not - and you make your way to the room to find out that the code is real - then you learn it's the patient with CJD!!!

So then when ppl come running with the code cart and you get all the personnel that need to be there for a code, you have to attempt to tell them all that they need serious PPD - so out everyone runs to get covered up and I go running to get N95 masks because who knows what you're going to be exposed to!

The code is finished and patient is determined to be deceased after several rounds of CPR and epi - so then we contact infection control to find out what to do with all this "stuff" left over and what is required for the body - and we all ask each other - is this a coroner's case - is it a mandatory autopsy?

NOPE! Not a mandatory autopsy - coroner says it's up to family to decide!

HOWEVER - dealing with the body is done differently - I get told by infection control that we need to use an EBOLA body bag!!! WOW! Wasn't expecting that. Didn't even know how to go about getting that! Thankfully infection control says that the ER has it and they can provide it. Whew, what a relief!

Then we work frantically to try to clean up the mess that's left after a code because ALL PPE was piled atop the patient and that simply would NOT be good when the family came and would see this person with "trash" (essentially) piled on top.... but we couldn't just put it in the corner or in the regular garbage. So we called housekeeping and STATed the "special" bags - which thankfully they did.