Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting the swing of things and failing

So I finished my first week at the new place. I'm still recuperating from the IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) saga that I've been dealing with. Mon, Tues & Wed went pretty good - I slept pretty crappy on Sun, Mon, & Tues but boy did I crash on Wed! So on Thurs when hubby, little tyke and I went shopping at this toy factory, then to IKEA, then grocery shopping so when we got home I had a pretty nasty headache brewing. I thought that I could wait it out. Ya, I was wrong! I kept getting grumpier and grumpier til finally hubby snapped at me and told me to go to bed! Ha!

I went and laid down to "rest" and took some lovely lovely meds so that when I got up I would feel more like myself. Sure enough, hubby was right (OMG, I admitted it for all to hear!) and I felt better. The headache was WAAAAY less (dare I say even manageable!).

I had orientation today as well. It was good. I FINALLY got my ID so that I can get in/out of the parking lot and get into the kitchen - plus it'll tell my pt's that I actually work there and who I am. I also finally got my ability to get into the computer and work on my documentation. This new place is ridiculous tho - it's still expected for nurses to do PAPER charting!!! Geeze I haven't done that since 2002!!!! Their computer documentation program is also behind at LEAST 5 yrs and their order entry system is VERY different than I am used to. During days this is alright because the clerk enters in the majority of the orders and all you have to do is verify the order.... but on nights you have to do all the ordering and checking. It causes me some anxiety I must admit. So much so that I asked for another night shift for orientation because I really don't think that 2 night shifts would be enough to guarantee that I would have been privy to an admission. It was agreed upon so before I start on my own and after I get back from going to see the family for the holidays, I will have another night orientation shift. Also, it will help to bring everything back in case it slips my mind while I am gone.

On another note - I couldn't imagine being sick in the hospital and missing the funeral of my spouse. This happened to my pt, I almost cried on their behalf... it breaks my heart for them. I hope that this person finds peace somehow.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Physician assisted suicide - could you do it?

I live in Canada and there's a new law that's soon to be passed that will make it legal for physicians to provide assisted suicide/euthanasia.

Physician assisted death - this article talks about the repercussions that physicians would have when they participate in these.

I think that those who participate in this should spend time in areas where they will see the suffering that occurs when people are dying. We give our pets the decency of a fair death without suffering, I think the same is only fair and right to have occur with the people we love and cherish.

I've seen the suffering of a terrible death - of families desperate for options that can provide a death with dignity - to have their family member just "drift off" and pass away. Everyone says that palliative care and hospice provides this. I don't necessarily agree.

In the article it notes "you come at a moment where you say there really is no alternative and applying euthanasia actually is an act of empathy, of compassion. It's the only thing you can do to take the suffering away." - this sums up how I feel..... and I think MANY physicians who would be privy to this option should see it as well. 

I've seen it where the patient hangs around for years after they are afflicted - be it a traumatic brain injury, stroke, cancer, alzheimers/dementia, Lou gerigs disease, etc.... and they are a burden - something that they would NEVER have wanted to be.

Also - who would readily put up their hand and volunteer to suffer?! I know I wouldn't. Give me a good death. ~6 1/2 yrs ago my gramma died in her sleep - THAT is the kind of death I would give anything for. No burden, no suffering. I think that if people can CHOOSE this route for themselves, then they should be able to find someone who can help them attain that.

Honestly, I think that were I to ever become a doctor or a NP (if they'll allow them) - I absolutely would be one of the health care providers (HCP) who would help another attain a death that a human being deserves. I'm sure that others will question whether they are depressed and that's why they're making such a decision. I think that after any terminal diagnosis that any patient would experience depression. I think that a HCP can see through this and get to the root of it all if they spend enough time with that person. 

I think that if the Supreme Court actually does their job, they'll be able to provide regulations associated with this new law so that it doesn't get misused and abused. I think it's possible - it'll just take time and lots of work and dedication.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Reading to the youngin's

Just finished reading a bedtime story to little tyke - something I would do ALL the time with big boy while he was growing up and learning how to read and such. Our favorites were Robert Munsch books - I would use such emphasism and would go as far to yell (when indicated in the book) and sing (when it was done in the book).... and little boy would LOVE it.... little tyke on the other hand prefers LESS - much less emphasis. Anytime I would yell or "carry on", she would cover her ears - even though she's smiling ear to ear!

About 10 years ago I got the chance to hear him read several of his books and he would do so with just as much emphasis as I was doing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and even got him to sign a couple of books and a high school assignment I had used him for. I contacted him last year, only to find out that he has had several strokes and no longer does this anymore. Such a disappointment!

I only wish that my reading to her was as successful at getting her to read as it was for big boy. Regardless, I will continue to do so.

Some excellent, albeit unexpected news

Spoke with my nurse educator who spoke to my (soon to be) charge nurse who indicated that I get to have Christmas off this year!!! Yaaaaay.... that means I get to go home this year and actually celebrate the day with everyone else. With us it's about family and sharing the times together, so I'm really looking forward to it.

I tried to tell my  mom about the good fortune and when I tried (oh ya, she just invested in a cell phone - so no longer should she be able to say she didn't know that I called) and I missed her several times yesterday and so I figured I would give it a go today and try to reach her - several times again actually. No response either time. Hell I even left a message yesterday and when I called during "dinner time" - a time I would expect her to be around. I did get a hold of her today - after several attempts but she didn't even appear to even care that I was trying to get a hold of her. I broke down after trying so hard to maintain a stiff upper lip. Goodness she could be so callous. When I explained why I was quite upset, she seemed to understand but who knows until next time.

I'm looking forward to beginning at the new place. The new unit is 52 beds and the sister unit is 28 beds. I wonder which I would enjoy more. I think the buzzer system of the new unit would drive me crazy because there would be so many patients that could be on the buzzer at any given time. However, you have a better chance at diversity with patient acuity and such. I'm sure in the near future I'll let you know which I prefer. Monday is corporate orientation - it's going to be a long and boring day for sure then Tuesday morning for 4 hours I have computer training (pretty sure they're using the same charting program that I was using - just possibly a newer version? We shall see) then another 4 hours shadowing the unit cleark to get order entry down pat. Wednesday & Friday (12 hr days) I'm shadowing a nurse for orientation then the following week I'm Monday & Tuesday 12 hr days then Thurs & Friday I'm 12 hr night shift orientations and that completes my orientation. Then I'm off until Jan 1st when I work 12 hr days. It's a very short orientation if I do say so myself, hopefully things aren't too different!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

School, work and ouch

So for the school update: I hadn't heard from my prof which option she wanted me to do. It's already Tuesday, I needed to know what to do - assignments or tests/exam prep - so I bit the bullet and called her.... it was actually quite useful. I'm getting an incomplete ("I" on the transcript) for an ATI exam and the final exam and she wants me to focus on getting my assignments competed. I can do that - at least I've been working that end so I don't feel like I've been wasting my time. Then I have another 4 wks to schedule the things I'm getting the "I" for. However, my  medical documentation indicates that I can't do any school work until Dec. 7th so I indicated that I would keep working on my school work and submit what I've finished after that date. We also talked about my clinical assignment b/c I didn't agree with my educational clinical teacher who is responsible for marking my clinical assignments - I am expected to do a problem list and concept map on NANDA diagnoses and yet she gave me one that wasn't even one. I mentioned that to the prof and talked about priorities and such. She said that she would take over my marking my assignment from here on out since we talked it all out. Works for me!

Work update: I tried to call yesterday to speak with my new manager - she's on vacation until the day that I'm expected to start working. So I talked to the person designated and then transfered to the nurse educator for the unit who worked out a schedule for orientation => 72 hours worth! I'm not too concerned considering I'm not going to be working in a specialty area where there's a ton to learn and I'm not a new nurse fresh out of the gate. On Monday I have corporate orientation for 8 hrs and then Tuesday morning (for 4 hours) they're giving us computer training (honestly I think it should be more - especially if it's going to be a new system that I have to learn) and after that completes then I'm buddied up with the unit clerk for the rest of the day to get a handle on the order entry part (normally the confusing part anyways) - so that will be a full 12 hrs. Then I am "buddied" up with another nurse for the orientation part for Dec. 9,11, 14, 15, 17, & 18 - the last two will be night shifts - shifts that I really am looking forward to because that's the shift I really want to work anyways - and when I mentioned that to the educator he perked up and said that he would talk to the unit scheduler about trying to find me a predominantly night shift line. I also talked about getting Christmas off and working New Years due to a wedding in the hometown and was told that he could look into it. Then after that we're off to the races!

And for the ouch bit - I was looking to cook hamburger helper and heated up some oil on the stove and when I put in the minced meat it splatered oil all over my one arm and burnt it pretty bad - 2nd degree partial thickness I'd say. Geeze it hurt (and still does!!!) like a bitch!!!! I hope it heals quickly.