Friday, September 21, 2012

The damn 1%

I did my first exam for school... only took me a year! Well sorta, I did manage to do all the readings for 4 courses, only now getting around to doing the exams.

My first exam was OB - and I came out of it with 97%.... YAY for me. The only downfall is that I missed the A+ by a blasted 1%!!!

So now I`m psyched to do the other 3 exams, 2 next week.... hope I can keep this up so then I`ll have a super high GPA when I eventually go for my NP or bite the bullet and go for med school....

Tomorrow I`m day shift - UGH!!!! I`m just thankful that my two dayshifts are on the weekend so I don`t have to worry about tests and LOTS of Dr orders!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girls night out

So about once a month (we'd probably do it more often but the other gals are too busy!) go out together and hang out. We've been doing it almost 2 years now. It all started because of a mom's group for our city that we all belong to. Each of us have at least one kid, my daughter is the youngest at 3 1/2 years and my GF Eva has the oldest, twins who are 7 (possibly 8) and the other 3 girls have kids in between those ages. None of us have kids that are the same age, which I think is amusing.

It's TONS of fun to hang out with these gals because NONE of us have the same career - Eva is a real estate agent, Nat works for Siemens as a money person (her role is confusing to say the least!), Maya is an assistant manager at a 4/5 star hotel in the big city, Shelley is a social worker and then you have me, the nurse. So ya, it's interesting when we all get together because you don't have anyone who has a similar job and therefore you don't have anyone making cliques or anything like that.

So whenever we get together, we usually start out with dinner at 7:30-8:00 and usually close the restaurant - midnightish.... but for the 2 years that we've been getting together, not ONE person has approached us with leaving, they usually leave us alone til we're ready to leave or we notice that they're waiting by their door, wanting to close the restaurant. LOL

So ya, I'm just a weeee bit excited to get together with my friends and catch up

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What is society coming to?!

On our unit we have this patient who is super obese, like so far she has a bariatric bed and wheelchair! It doesn't help that this girlfell down stairs and can't move anything besides her head.

She's sooooo fat she takes 3-4 nurses to change her position!

She's soooo fat that even with that many nurses, 3 nurses on the unit are off work because they hurt their backs trying to change her position!

I know that society now a days is fatter than they have ever been, but is this the sign of what we're going to have to deal with everyday??? God help us and our backs!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm coming home

I came home today. It was SUPER sad to leave my son and my mom. I loved having the two weeks away but as always, it was nice to come home. The two weeks FLEW by (doesn't it always?!)

Tomorrow I'm back at the grind. I have to get back into super study mode. I'm set to do my exam for sunday. I have to work Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings. It's always interesting to see the unit after quite a bit of time off because there's hardly anyone there that was when you went off. You start back at the beginning.

Speaking of beginning, I am starting there again with my work outs. I'm going back to the gym starting tomorrow. As soon as hubby gets back from work, then I'll leave to go to the gym. I need to loose some of this weight that I have that's not very healthy. Ahhhhhh to have goals!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Home with Family

I've been away for almost 2 weeks. I've come to my hometown to hang with family and see my kiddo. I LOVED going out to the cottage and being able to fully relax, to go swimming, having a campfire and just being able to be with family and good friends.

I have been too relaxed, I haven't done much studying.... and when I get back home on Monday I have to begin testing out on my courses. First up is Nursing care for the childbearing family, and the other one is Mental health aspects of nursing practice. I have to study more for the OB one cuz let me tell you, there is a LOT of stuff covered in that course!!!

One of the good things about coming back is that I get to travel thru Michigan (in the US).... and get to do a TON of shopping!!! YAY SHOPPING!!! When I go back home I have to stop and shop again, I'm trying to find a nursing outfit that I like... I found the bottoms but the top I HAD found was sold by the time I got back to the store. AND my credit card was cancelled by the company I got it from because they thought there was fraudulent activity, ya it was me trying to use it on my vacation!!!! GRRRR Thankfully I have a back up CC cuz I would seriously be up a creek without a paddle!!!

My brother & SIL are pregnant right now - approx. 34 weeks. I'm so excited for them, they've had difficulty getting pregnant. They've been trying for 3 yrs now so it's nice to see that they're going to have a child. This sunday my mom's throwing a baby shower for them. My mom bought them a travel system (stroller & car seat together) that cost sooooo much money!!! When I was preggo with my daughter, she bought me one as well and a whole whack load of baby supplies. She didn't buy the other stuff for them so I hope that they don't complain. The reason why she didn't buy the other stuff was because my travel system cost half of what theirs does. Oh what ppl would assume when they don't know the details!!! Oh well, we shall see.

My bestie and I have been able to hang a whole bunch - LOVE HER! and last night we went to her mommie's house to grab some stuff out of her garden... so tonite I'm having fresh carrots and beets from their garden. OOOOOO I cannot wait, it's going to be so yummy! Maybe I'll have to get a few pictures to post for next time.