Saturday, April 15, 2017

Long time away

I know I've been away a long time from here, it's with good reason.

America's been a bitch to me ya'll. Not the patients (mostly), it's the nurses.

My hospital has renigged on the deal for my TN visa and pretty much fucked me over. So starting out over here has just started out on the wrong foot. And it's just continued that way.

My co hort for my nurse residency seem to hate me. I understand that I'm an intense person, but I'm friendly and outgoing. I'm loyal and awesome and yet not ONE has been willing to befriend me! I'm an outcast! I want to say to them all "fuck you all, I don't need you". But it's not worth my time and effort. It does make me sad though. I'm lonely here because hubby and little tyke are back home and I'm here all by myself.

The units I've gone to, my preceptors for the most part have been two-faced. They say nice things to my face, about how good I'm doing and then after I'm done my week of experience there, several have contacted my coordinator and then turned around and said things that should have been discussed with me face-to-face.

I only found this out when I was 3/4 done this whole thing, so I couldn't even try to attempt to "fix" whatever these ppl were complaining about, they weren't giving me the opportunity. But from that point on, every preceptor I had, the first day I talked to them and told them flat out that I wanted feedback from them real-time, not at a later date and if they felt that I had done something wrong or against policy (considering I'm new and don't know policy yet), advise me what the policy IS at this facility, instead of keeping quiet but then saying that I told ppl things against policy - to my coordinator.

Because of the TN issue, hubby (who is a natural researcher) was looking to see what's out there in terms of sponsorships (expecting that things would take like 6+ months), because we were done getting screwed over by using the TN visa. Well he found one and they contacted me and we talked and right off the bat they asked if I would come work for them!!!

Now, I should tell you at this point that this hospital offered me this the day after I had a meeting with current hospital who put me on "final written notice" because ppl were c/o me instead of talking to my face - but because I'm still in the "learning phase", the ownership is on me, not on others. Such BS!!!  So when new hospital offered a job, it seemed like God was intervening and that this was the path I needed to go down.

Well I got my official offer yesterday, contract and all. I'm nervous as heck. I haven't told current hospital. I don't know what I'm going to tell them. It's frustrating that I moved my entire life here and I get treated like this. But I also want them to know that I appreciate the fact that they offered me this chance.

With new hospital, I don't know yet whether I'm going into NICU or progressive care (step-down ICU) - we're going to figure that part out when I get there. I'm really really hoping that they're good with me going into the NICU. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NICU. It feels like that's where I'm meant to be.

So now I start to pack up this apartment, and begin the search for a new one!