Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A bit off the grid I know

I know I've been off the grid for a bit - sorry about that, it's not that I have been working (much), but rather studying my ass off and working a bit of my ass off (haha).

The little tyke went to England for 12 days, she just got back last friday, and of course I had to work all weekend - and not for lack of trying to trade out of it either! So I saw my little girl very little for the past 3 weeks-ish.

While she was away, I signed up for a gym membership. It's about time that I lose this extra weight. When I had the kiddo 10 yrs ago, I went from being 130 lbs to 198 lbs. It took me about a year and a half to get down to 160 lbs-ish and I felt pretty good. Then I had all that crap with school and the teacher and gained a bunch and then went on anti depressants and gained to the point that I weighed 210 lbs. I said to myself "screw this crap, the anti depressants aren't really helping cuz I'm depressed that I weigh so much." And I was even exercising daily AND watching when and what I was eating, and I was STILL gaining weight! So I went off the anti depressants an lost 30 lbs in a month and a half!

I had married my hubby at this point and we decided that we were going to start trying to have a baby. So I wanted to lose as much as I could before getting pregnant and I got down to 175 lbs when we found out that I was pregnant with the little tyke. I gained 35 while I was pregnant, which I thought wasn't too bad but could have done better. Now I weigh 193 lbs and figure that no time like the present to do something MORE about my weight. I convinced hubby that going to the gym is the best choice for me and he was okay with me getting a personal trainer. Having the little tyke away in England was like the perfect time to start because I could go to the gym at any point, not mattering if there was someone to watch her. ALSO, the gym that I go to has 4 days that they're open 24 hrs/day which is perfect for me as I get the desire to exercise later at night, sometimes as late as 2am! I know, I'm a weird one but I just go with it.

So I've had 2 times with the personal trainer now and she's focusing on getting my abd muscles stronger and my arms, since I told her that I do leg strength weights on the days that I don't have the trainer. And HOLY CRAP did my arms KILL after she's done with me. Last week I had one session with the trainer and I had to work the next day, WOW was it hard to do my job!!!! Sometimes it felt like my arms weighed a million pounds and it was just an effort to even lift my arms, let alone push, pull, or lift a patient! It's been 3 weeks (as of yesterday) since I've started, and although I've gained a pound, I can see a change in my body already. My tummy has gone down a little bit and my butt is tightening a smidge, and my boobs have gotten smaller (SUCH a shame I tell ya!!!).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MY new years, a little late I know

My "happy new years" was quite an interesting one, I spent it working. Though I wondered if it was a full moon!!! The 30th & 31st I worked 12 hrs each night... and boy were they interesting!!!

The evening started like most nights, vitals then meds then diaper changes then sleeping pills for everyone and tucking them in for the night.

Then at like 10pm my co worker comes to me all worked up that her patient had peed all over the floor, was SUPER confused and needed to be restrained. Sure enough, we went in there and the floor on the side of the bed was SOAKED.

Thankfully he didn't put up much of a fight and we sucessfully restrained him.... but that wasn't to be the end of restraints...

I helped finish restraining one patient, just to be asked by another one of my co workers yelled for assistance from one of her rooms because one of her patients was trying to hit and kick her. When I entered the room, the patient was naked, poo was in multiple different spots. Thankfully I'm STRONG...

And I got the patient tied.... poor guy, once we had him tied he was sounding so pathetic.

My co worker and I were able to use team work and thankfully protect us and the patients.

We brought in the new year with non alcoholic bubbly and TONS of food. One of our patients even brought us new years hats and mardi gras type bead necklaces

which we LOVED!!!! And we were loud - not that our patients noticed as we rang in the new year together.

Too bad our celebrating didn't last all shift as the same patient that we restrained earlier in the night had a full blown, grand mal seizure - lasting 11 minutes.... my first one. Nice way to cap our shift huh?!

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone out there, I hope it's everything you wanted it to be and soooooooooo much more!!!