Friday, July 29, 2011

Almost Ramadan...

I'm a muslim and August is the month of Ramadan. This year it runs from Aug. 1 to Sept. 1st. Last year was my first fast and I really sucked at keeping it.

This year I'm REALLY going to try to keep the fast. I can not eat, what I find difficult is not drinking. Also this year I`m going to be working a whole lot more often, and inside a hospital - which is REALLY dry and so I`m going to be even more thirsty. So this month is going to be interesting.

Also this Ramadan, I`m going to try to wear my hijab EVERY day. Currently I only wear it to pray. I feel the compulsion to wear it more often, but I get super over heated. Additionally, keeping my hijab onto of my head is difficullt. It always keeps slipping off my head and shows my hair. This is exactly opposite of what is supposed to happen. My hair is supposed to remain covered. I`m hoping that I`ll be able to wear my hijab when I`m at work as it`s air conditioned there. Inshallah (God willing) I will be able to keep my fast and keep my head covered - as this is God`s wish for me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A daring new road

July has been SUCH a great month for me. At the behest of my husband I applied for schools, hoping that I would get in to complete my bachelors in nursing. Well July I found out that INDEED, I was accepted. Now I wait to find out how many transfer credits I will receive.

I applied for the LPN (practical nurse) to RN (registered nurse) track as this is a shorter time period than a traditional track (2 yrs vs. 4 yrs!).

It's taking a while for the transfer credit aspect to be completed (over a month already) as there is only ONE person who does this job for all the international transfer students. I'm finding it frustrating that it's taking so long but I have faith that the longer it takes, the more transfer credits I will receive. Besides, I have time - I'm not set to start the program until january anyways.

I live in Southern Ontario, in Canada. One of the greatest aspects of this university is that I can do the program distantly and do the practical aspect (placements) at a hospital in the closest area to where I live - or I could move but that just doesn't work for us!

Unfortunately, the closest place that my school recognizes is a long ways away. As such, I must travel to do my placements - a MINIMUM of 2 hrs driving - in GOOD weather! Hopefully I'll only have to do this once a week!!!!

Another reason that July has been such a great month for me is that I was offered - and accepted a position in a hospital!!! Where I live that is momentus, as you must know someone within the hospital to get in - it's just THAT difficult!!!! Thankfully my preceptor when I was completing my pre grad for my practical nursing gave my resume to his unit manager to get me that "in" to get the job. I was given an interview and was offered the job!!! YAY for me!!! Now I start the job on Aug. 8th and CANNOT wait!!!

Supposedly good news comes in threes, the ONLY way this could get ANY better was either if the uni told me I only had to take the placement courses to complete my degree OR if husband would agree to have another child - as if that one would EVER happen! LOL - he wants to wait until my degree is at least completed - which is definately the smarter move, I just see how quickly my 2 yr old is growing up and I miss the baby stage and wish that she had another sibling (We also have a 9 1/2 yr old boy).