Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer trip fun

Leavin in the morning - just a couple more hours - for our road trip

First we're heading to Toledo, OH to have lunch there at a BBQ place we found - look yummy! Then we're continuing on to Cincinnati, OH where we're going to hit up Entertainment Junction - a really nifty place that hubby found that has the Island of Sodor (Thomas the tank engine show) all set up with active trains and you get to play with them and interact with the island and the trains that more.... UBER neato! I've very excited to check this out and find out how little tyke will enjoy it. After that we're hitting up another BBQ place - but in Cincinnati - and we'll stay the night there.

Next day we're hitting up a seafood festival just across the river in Kentucky - oooo I can't wait to get a hold of the food there! Some lobsters (believe they're coming from Louisiana) and crawfish and scallops. YUMMY stuff! After that we're going to head to Tennesee and see if there's anything for us to take part in in Nashville. Then we're going to continue on to St. Louis, MO and stay the night there.

Next day we're heading to the zoo in St. Louis - it's rated #2 in the US so I'm really excited. They have 575 different species of animals. Plus there's a train that you can get on and off of which will save my feet cuz let me tell you they are SORE!!! I worked evenings yesterday and today and I ran my butt off today at work (2 admissions and giving a blood product to another person - but in a different area of the unit - so that = LOTS of walking.... which = VERY sore feet!). I think little tyke will LOVE this place.

I think we'll have lunch in Indianapolis (not quite sure yet!) then continue through Michigan all the way up til you can't reach any further and go visit family. I'm missing my mom - and little tyke is missing her nana and papa. Plus big brother is there and we miss him. Papa is supposed to be picking him up the next day so we get to spend a bunch of time together. That will be nice! I hope he behaves and leaves the attitude at home!

Then we have some down time to go swimming in the lake, 4 wheeling and hot tubbing - ok and some card playing with everyone (a bunch of mom's friends are also going to be there - ladies that I've known for almost 20 years so they're like my mom almost) and I get to love on my BFF and her little one. Lots of fun to be had! I can't wait!!!

And since I actually found my camera again (we loaned it to my BIL/SIL and hubby didn't remember and didn't believe me when I said we did) I might actually be able to load some pics of said fun. Til then, have fun but stay safe!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Update to the drama - and some more

Little tyke has improved - THANKFULLY! Not that her Dr was any help! I ended up having to follow up with a different doc and so she got better.

My oc-health time frame is up and so I was hoping that I could start back at work full shift work and all - any amount of time or shift throughout the week. And then I got another abcess - no fistula this time thankfully and it opened up and relieved itself (so to speak).... so then that puts the kibosh to getting back to work how I wanted.... made an appointment with the surgeon - who indicated to me that he thinks this situation may just be permanent - something that I'm going to have to deal with. He signed my papers to continue my work schedule for another three months.

Oh for the drama....

I'm not getting any younger - and neither is hubby for that matter. Little tyke has been bugging us for siblings. Hubby and I have always agreed that once I'm done my degree THEN we would continue the baby making process. Then last month he asked me to have a baby. I told him no and reiterated that we had agreed to wait til after the degree.

Then he comes home from work the other day, crawls into bed and whispers in my ear and asks me to have another baby. I told him no and went back to sleep. But that whole day I wondered what made him think about this and whether he was actually serious. So after my shift I came home and sat him down and asked him about his intentions - whether he really does want a baby.... I seriously broke it down for him.... that we had complication in the pregnancy with little tyke (pre eclampsia) and that it was possible with another baby. That barring any complications, we would have the baby in like July and then I would start consolidation/pre-grad placement in September so we wouldn't be able to wait. That if we didn't have a baby now then we would have to wait another 3 years (I want to get this thing afterwards that will mean I have to work 60-80hrs per week - just like a doc) and then that means that I will be high risk for a pregnancy. That we are not living on our own in our own house - we esentially have a bachelor room (one single large room - no separate bedroom). It was a pretty in-depth serious conversation. I knew what my decision was in the discussion but he wasn't so sure on his side. I told him that since it was a big decision that I would give him a bit of time to decide (3 days actually).... then the next morning I renigged and told him that he was only getting the day - and after my shift was done that we would have to talk again.

When I got home he evaded talking. Not a good sign but he sometimes plays hard to get. So then I asked him straight out what his decision was - his answer - "not at this time" - I was dumbfounded. HE was the one who had brought this whole subject up.... HE was the one who asked ME. I couldn't believe that he would do this to me. It's completely him crying wolf. He completely got my hopes up and then ran a knife right through them. I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked and hurt that I started crying. It's something I try really hard to not do because I know that this bothers him - I didn't want him to change his mind simply because his decision had hurt me. I got up and left him there and went to try to collect myself and then went to bed. Nothing seemed to actually help though. I think I cried for another 45 minutes til my sleeping meds kicked in and I finally fell asleep.

I'm still raw and sensitive inside - I'm having difficulty allowing him to touch me (especially my belly), kiss me, cuddle - anything really intimate. I feel jaded. I feel swindled. I feel stupid. I should have kept my walls up. I knew that what he was talking about was too good to be true.

We're also making plans to go on a bitty road trip through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana (gonna go check out my university!), and Michigan again then back to my hometown for a beautiful six days. But how am I supposed to look foward to this when I just got gobsmacked. It's easier said than done. I suppose I have to figure out a way to pick up the pieces and continue on.

Oh, and I got back my marks - for my nursing course I got an A+ and for the music course I got an A - I'm certainly satisfied with those marks!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Is my life ever without drama?! Part four

So five days later and little tyke's cough isn't any better (and you can feel the junk in her chest when she coughs), but at least her ears feel better and her tonsils look better so at least the antibiotic is working on something.... but something needs to be done about her pneumonia so I called the office and spoke with the secretary about getting the Dr to call in a different antibiotic cuz it's not working for her pneumonia.... and she said that she would pass it on and then once she heard one way or another, would call me back. I figured that the doc would because he actually listens to me and trusts my ability to assess (and diagnose acurately).


No one called me back yesterday, but someone ELSE called me this morning.... to indicate that the OTHER secretary did NOT give the note to the Dr....

OOOOOOOOOooooooo I was LIVID!!!!!! I tried REAL hard not to get angry with her since it wasn't HER that didn't pass the message on.... she said that she would put it on his desk as soon as the call was finished, but that he wouldn't be in the office til tomorrow. UGH!

I swear, this doc had better call my prescription into the pharmacy!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Is my life ever without drama?! Part three

Had a visit with my family doc on Friday - follow up from my visit with the ER - showed me the results of the x-ray.... ya well it showed that I have arthritis in my heel!!!! Goodness I'm only 32, I'm too young for this shit!!!!!!!!! Oh ya, and he figures that I also have a flare up of plantar facitis so when combined it ain't good! He told me to take it easy and let it heal up, take a lot of NSAIDs and that I should be good to go for my next shift.

Also had the little tyke accompany me to him because she was coughing up a storm (and sounding suspicious), was febrile (low grade), and complaining that her ears hurt. Well turns out she has... now wait for it....

Bilateral ear infections


And pneumonia!

The tonsilitis I gathered before we left the house and we were playing around and I saw into the back of her mouth and saw grade 3+ tonsils.... small amount of exudate bilaterally.... so nothing I didn't expect. Now we're doing oral antibiotics Q8hrs & Otic drops twice daily. This has gotten so bad that my little girl knows the deal and ASKS to go to the Dr AND she tells ME when it's time for meds! HAHAHA - remember she's only 5! Poor girl - she's gotten the raw end of the deal when it comes to childhood sickness.