Friday, July 15, 2011

A daring new road

July has been SUCH a great month for me. At the behest of my husband I applied for schools, hoping that I would get in to complete my bachelors in nursing. Well July I found out that INDEED, I was accepted. Now I wait to find out how many transfer credits I will receive.

I applied for the LPN (practical nurse) to RN (registered nurse) track as this is a shorter time period than a traditional track (2 yrs vs. 4 yrs!).

It's taking a while for the transfer credit aspect to be completed (over a month already) as there is only ONE person who does this job for all the international transfer students. I'm finding it frustrating that it's taking so long but I have faith that the longer it takes, the more transfer credits I will receive. Besides, I have time - I'm not set to start the program until january anyways.

I live in Southern Ontario, in Canada. One of the greatest aspects of this university is that I can do the program distantly and do the practical aspect (placements) at a hospital in the closest area to where I live - or I could move but that just doesn't work for us!

Unfortunately, the closest place that my school recognizes is a long ways away. As such, I must travel to do my placements - a MINIMUM of 2 hrs driving - in GOOD weather! Hopefully I'll only have to do this once a week!!!!

Another reason that July has been such a great month for me is that I was offered - and accepted a position in a hospital!!! Where I live that is momentus, as you must know someone within the hospital to get in - it's just THAT difficult!!!! Thankfully my preceptor when I was completing my pre grad for my practical nursing gave my resume to his unit manager to get me that "in" to get the job. I was given an interview and was offered the job!!! YAY for me!!! Now I start the job on Aug. 8th and CANNOT wait!!!

Supposedly good news comes in threes, the ONLY way this could get ANY better was either if the uni told me I only had to take the placement courses to complete my degree OR if husband would agree to have another child - as if that one would EVER happen! LOL - he wants to wait until my degree is at least completed - which is definately the smarter move, I just see how quickly my 2 yr old is growing up and I miss the baby stage and wish that she had another sibling (We also have a 9 1/2 yr old boy).

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