Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some people you just want to punch in the face!

Last Saturday we were asleep in our beds - all EIGHT of us in the house.

My MIL woke up at approx 4am to get a drink of water in the kitchen, my son woke up at approx. 7am. My husband woke up at approx. 9am and about a 1/2 hr later wanted to play on the PS3, when he realized that the PS3 wasn't below our mounted TV. Thinking that possibly my BIL took it upstairs he went upstairs to look for it. No luck, and he came back downstairs to see if anything else was missing to find out that we were ROBBED!!!

Sometime between the hrs of 0400 and 0700 someone came into the house and stole:

hubby's wallet
1 laptop
2 cell phones
1 PS3
1 Iphone touch
1 army rucksack FULL with army clothing
1 army sleeping bag
and the cords attached to our mounted TV

Now we had data lost from my cellphone and computer since it wasn't backed up.

To say I was pissed was an understatement! And it was all my BIL's fault - he left the front door open!!! And no one in the house was willing to blame him. UGH, I hate that guy!!! When the police came to the house and fingerprinted, they indicated that since there was sooo many ppl in the house, that it was impossible to get a viable fingerprint. So there was no hope at that time that any of our stuff would be recovered.

On monday hubby and I went to get some of his cards replaced. When we got back to the house, we got a call from the police who said that they recovered a few items - my laptop, my cellphone and the PS3 and the cords associated with these items as well as the ones for the TV and the army items.

When hubby was speaking to the police, I squealed in joy! I almost cried I was soooo happy some of the stuff was returned. Especially the ones that had data associated with it.

I have video on my cell phone of little tyke learning her ABC's and when we went camping 2 wks ago little tyke played with the campground dog and I got video of her playing fetch with it and later that day the doggy got run over by a boat trailer and it snapped it's leg so badly that she had to be put euthanized. Therefore it was the last video that the owner has of the dog and I hadn't had a chance to upload it to the computer and back it up so I was really upset about it all.

Thankfully when we got it back everything was still there. The robber hadn't wrecked any of our things or reformatted anything. ALLAH AQBAR (GOD IS GREAT!!!).

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