Friday, October 5, 2012

3 down, 1 to go

Did my third exam today. Every exam I've done I keep getting less and less percentage.

My second exam I got 87%, this time I got 82%... but everything I've read online indicates that these last few are the hard ones. I mean, this most recent exam had 21 chapters on everything nursing care for adults.... it was craziness!!! Also, there were some questions that weren't even in the damn book, go figure!

Next week I do my final exam - nursing care for the pediatric population... should be interesting, there's 23 chapters for that course!!!

I head off to work this weekend, should be interesting. I hope I get a few select ppl for my pts, I've established a good therapeutic relationship with a couple and enjoy taking care of them.

The other week I was taking care of a dementia pt who because of his illness is now aggressive with the nurses. He pinches, bites, scratches, hits.... and then later cries about it. It's not something that he can control. TOTALLY SUCKS FOR ALL!!! The other day it took THREE of us to make sure that no one got hurt.... and he STILL managed to sucker punch one of my co workers. Geeze, work hazard or what?!!!!

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