Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Withdrawing care & comfort care measures

I've spoken about this before, but we see it ALOT on our unit. Because we have many stroke patients come through our unit, it really gets to me that ppl don't know how to bring up this subject.

Why is it so hard to talk to ppl about death and dying and being realistic. Why hold out hope that your family member/patient will pull through to just be a burden on the system and the family?! IMO, if God wills this person to live, they will but don't put in a NG/G/Peg tube to prolong the life of ppl. I think it's a pointless to prolong these lives.

There's one family I dealt with who their father had a stroke several years back, he lived for 3 yrs with complications before finally dying. Because of this, their mother indicated verbally (of course not in writing!) that should anything like that befall her, to make her a DNR and let her die! Well go figure, same happens to her and this family makes her a full code!!! Then when she stabilizes, the family is FINALLY persuaded to make her a DNR BUT they want to put in a G-tube.... STUPID!!!! UGH But of course I have to keep my opinions to myself and respect the decisions of this family. After a month or so, the only thng she had done was open her eyes. Not much of a life right?! Another pt we've dealt with is semi-comotose and they put a g-tube in her. It's soooo frustrating.

On the other side of this coin, we've had several where the family decided to withdraw care other than comfort care measures and these people have passed peacefully without having to suffer from bed sores, infections,etc. I relish those times.

I have also dealt with a family who had their loved one come in with pneumonia, possible TB and the person is elderly and cognitively intact and doesn't want to eat or drink. What's going to be their decision???? I think that if ppl can make decisions before they lose their minds, let them do what they want! Provide comfort care measures and end of life support and allow them to pass they way they want to!

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