Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Stop all vital signs"

So last week or so one of the on-call Dr's had to swing by our unit for one reason or another and I commented on an order I had gotten by another doc...

"stop all vital signs".... well I made the comment that it was the first time that I had seen this and I was surprised. Then he told me about a couple of nurses that he had run into that obviously had NO common sense.

When I saw this order I rationalized that it had to do with taking the pt's vital signs and that we no longer had to take them every shift as we have to do with our other pt's. However, when this doc had written a similar order previously, the nurse commented to the doc "ok, how do you propose I stop all this patient's vital signs?"

He also told me about another time when he wrote an order -

doc - give fleet enema standing order daily

stupid nurse THREE days later to ordering doc - ok doc, do I still need to give these enemas standing???? WOW is all I have to say!!!

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