Sunday, March 17, 2013

Am I awesome or what?!

I FINALLY got my mark from my prof for developmental psychology throughout the lifespan - only took 2 weeks and me constantly haggling her!

I got 94% in that class!!! BOO YA!!! That will certainly jack my GPA up a few notches!!!

So now all I have to conquer is my CPR recert - doing that later this week. And then I have to study to test out on an english course and public speaking - the last which you have to do a speech for that has be 3-5 min long. Now that might not seem long, but if you don't know your topic before hand, that could be tricky!!! Not really looking forward to it let me tell ya!

This online crap is SOOOOOO not for me. It definately stirs up my ADHD and procrastination let me tell ya all! It's super hard to be motivated in the environment that I live in. I wish hubby would have my back and be ok with us moving out of this place and FINALLY having a place to our OWN again. It makes me so sad and depressed and when I'm like this it's hard to be motivated to do school work and studying.

Work is going well, again, just wish that I were in a department that I loved - like paeds! I'm so uber jealous of my coworker for getting a position on their unit. I'll seriously have to keep my eyes peeled.

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  1. Congratulations! You are officially AWESOME! :)