Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dead in the water.... and Ebola

I've gotten the official word that I'm dead in the waters for this semester. I couldn't make clinical work out to get to the university so now I have to start from scratch next semester. I'm so pissed I got screwed over. I hate that clinical objectives are subjective. At no point am I being told that I'm a bad nurse, or are showing bad skills - quite the opposite. I was told that I'll make a great critical care nurse but that the hospital I was in was run by physicians and once you set that in motion, then you're doomed. Man I feel fucked over!

I guess the only good part about this is that I will have the time to dedicate to the elective I'm taking. Especially because I felt overwhelmed taking the elective with the nursing course. I felt like I had to dedicate all my time to the nurse course and so of course the elective took the brunt of the hit. The only lucky thing is is that my mark hasn't suffered (yet) because of it.

Now changing gears....

I tried to have a serious talk with the hubby this AM after he came home from work.... about Ebola. I'm not sure how many of you have Ebola on your radar but you should! I've been watching things and I am afraid of what I'm seeing.

For those of you who don't know, the rates of Ebola are doubling every 21 days - almost literally. I don't put myself up as being very adept at writing about this sort of thing. Another person on the web is though.... Aesop is quite proficient at scaring the shit out of me. The great thing is that it is entirely realistic.

Population as well as the press are stupid if they think that Ebola will stay contained in Africa. Yo ppl, wake the fuck up, it's coming across the pond and doing so soon! Once it does, don't be surprised at the swiftness that it spreads. It's VIRULENT!!! Like as in 70% of the ppl infected DIE!

I tried to explain this sort of thing to my husband - who is a biochem major - and he LAUGHED AT ME!!!!!!!!! Wow was I furious! I couldn't believe how foolish he is to think that it won't come to Canada! It's already come to the US so what makes him think that it'll stay on their side of the border?!

Frankly, all this makes me want to run north to my mommy's cottage and stock pile a whack load of food and hope for the best! Hubby said that he wants to wait another two months to find out whether it will be contained on the other side of the world.

I'm willing to wait a bit but man am I nervous. When I was at clinical I got together with a girlfriend and talked to her about Ebola. Now, I'm in healthcare.... I know nothing about how to get by without modern things - I certainly don't know how to break down wheat into flour, make my own soap, etc... So how the hell would I get by in the world if 70% of the world's population died?! I'm not sure I would want to. However, who's to say that I wouldn't be one of the 30% who survive or are immune to this (unlikely tho cuz I'm pretty sure I have an autoimmune disorder - more on that in another post - I have an appt with an immunologist for November so we'll see how that goes).

Would I really want to live in a world where my husband or my children no longer are around - where I'm all alone? Or what if my parents die? How in the world do I survive? I suppose I could go live around the memonite (there's a community of them outside my parent's city) and learn from the experts.

The good thing about being up by my parents is that there's an ample supply of firewood and fresh water, and quite a bit of land to potentially get food to survive - so at least it has that going for it. Too bad it's 8 hrs away and there's no way that my husband would allow us to stockpile gasoline and we would need two tanks of gas to get to my parents.... so how in the world do I convince hubby of the seriousness of this situation???? ANY ideas are appreciated!

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