Sunday, December 21, 2014

The reason for little girls

Today we had our first ever tea party. Little tykes friends (2 from school) and one we've known for like 4+ yrs came.

It was a TON of fun! We thought about this because when we went north to go have Christmas with my family, my mom's best friend's daughter gave us HER daughter's tea set.... and it's impressive! It's care bear (not that you really notice it in the cups but the saucers have little bears on them - which the girls thought were really cute so it's all good!) and think deep shade of pink which it's ultra feminine but very pretty none the less. Then because I wanted to meet the mommy's I decided to make it a mommy and daughter tea. Of the 5 invites I sent to school two said that they could come. Then of course I invited my pal and her daughter. So because of this I went out and bought a tea set that the adults could use. It was a really simple design, though elegant. IMO the day was a great success. Now if only I could get better at time management for things such as this! I totally needed just another 30 min (I suppose I shouldn't have "snoozed" my alarm twice!)

Little tyke had a TON of fun and so did I. I hope we can strike up some outside school friendships. the mom's seem pretty cool so we'll see.

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