Monday, January 12, 2015


Had to work a dayshift - the BANE of my existance! Of course it was a shift from hell.

Normally we carry four patients on days

#1 - pt with ALS with increased SOB (possibly pneumonia) and has a PEG tube and requires multiple IV things (antibiotics and solu medrol), plus is a total care.

#2 - a nursing home patient who was made palliative - has influenza A - and is doing better. Is a total care plus a total feed and a diabetic.

#3 - pt with GBS who is now a quadrapalegic and thereby a total care and feed, also a diabetic - plus the family is really needy.

#4 - pt is one assist. Had a stroke but seems pretty good other than some memory issues. Needed a follow up head CT and discharge was pending the result. Also a diabetic so several checks and subsequent insulin injections for those who also have diabetes.

So it's a heavier assignment but not ridiculous. The doc comes in a discharges #2 so I have to call the nursing home and let them know that the pt is coming back and asking if they want the MAR faxed or whether a photocopy will do.... package is made up for them and the ambulance is booked.... for 45 minutes later! Well about 30 minutes after that the nursing home calls us back and indicates that they're in an outbreak and the pt cannot come back. I asked what outbreak and am told it's influenza A.... I told my co-worker... "meh, it shouldn't matter, he's already infected"  HAHAHAHA

I told the doc about it and he said that if he came to the hospital during the outbreak and that he could return during the outbreak. And because the Dr decreed it, so shall it went! And off I sent him.

The other doc came in and discharged pt #4 later in the day. So then I had two discharges and two admissions I had to worry about. On top of all the regular things I have to undertake I have these things. Plus try to fit  my break into all this! UGH I hate these kinds of shifts!!!

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