Friday, September 9, 2016

I'm in pain

So for the last two days I've been dealing with a pretty bad migraine. My meds don't seem to be helping either and so I've been struggling. It's hard to get stuff done when the pain is like this - when my head feels like it's being squeezed it's hard to concentrate on what I need to get done for school.

I have a "ways of knowing" paper, I'm about 3/4 of the ways done but my brain isn't really computing because the pain is so bad. I just feel like sleeping a whole lot - it's kinda how my body deals with pain. I tend to sleep quite a bit so that I'm not experiencing the pain.

I'm just thankful that little tyke started school again so that's been keeping her happy, if not a little bit more tired. Her first day you could tell that she was exhausted but by golly she would not go to bed any earlier than 9pm - come hell or high water! Surprisingly she made it to then and then completely crashed! I only wish every day was like that. Unfortunately, I know that won't last, give it another week and she'll be used to getting up early and the energy expenditure that occurs when you're at school with your friends. Bonus is that little tyke has said that she loves her teacher. Hopefully that means that she'll have a good month because with the move that means that she's switching schools and therefore will receive another teacher. So we'll see how well she copes.

With this migraine I really don't want to be staring at a computer screen any longer than absolutely necessary - so I guess it's nap time for me.

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  1. My gosh girl, if you need to sleep, I say sleep! You've been through quite the ordeals and sometimes if sleep is what you need to be able to get away from your migraines and pain, then grab yourself a blanket and find a comfy place to crash out.