Friday, April 6, 2012

Hi Hoe Hi Hoe, It's off to work I go

Tomorrow is the first day that I'm due back at work. It's about 75% back to normal. I'm still having the dizzy spells but rarely now and I've stopped having the shaking spells, thankfully. I still have a cough but I will live. So tomorrow I find out if I can be a nurse again.

You never realize how much you value health until you're sick, and boy do I miss being healthy! I miss going to work though. Being sick has certainly put a dent in my finances, I've been out of work for like 3 weeks now. I don't work full time and therefore do not get sick pay - rather a bummers for me! I'll survive, bummers it has to be on savings considering we don't have a whole lot at the moment!

I guess even if I'm not feeling the best tomorrow I'll have to suck it up and go anyways. Especially since I have a vacation that I want to go on and can't if we don't have the money for it! Pray that I can make it through, I don't want to have to come home sick cuz then my co workers have to work short - the hospital won't replace a nurse if it's in the middle of a shift, only if it's like before an hour after the shift starts.

So Hi Hoe Hi Hoe, It's off to work I go....


  1. Dee I am SO glad you are feeling better! You are so right, you never realize how important being healthy is until something happens. Keeping you in my thoughts!!


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  3. Aww thanks Julia - last evening wasn't too bad, it was filled with 5 men, 2 of which were on bed alarms for being high risk for falls, 1 of which has fallen FOUR times!!!! Has gotten 2 head injuries from this... CRAZINESS!!! Thankfully everyone stayed in their beds and I had a good first evening back.

  4. Aww that's good that it wasn't too bad. I can't believe you didn't call me on your way home yesterday. today won't likely be good for chatting, I have a date tonight :) Can't wait to talk to you, hopefully soon, I'll try to watch Grey's before then :)