Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vacation here we come!!!!

Today is the day that hubby and I go on vacation.... SOLO - sans children or family or anyone that knows us and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Where are we going you ask.....

Unfortunately our beach won't look THAT nice, but that's ok... it's only a short distance away.

Where we're going is here....

Here's a pic of the front entrance of the resort...

The name of oour resort is Club Bucanero. It's a 3.5 star rated place. We're brining our own spices, ketchup, mayo, and peanut butter since these are in short supply there. And according to trip advisor they don't taste like what we expect them to.

And this is what I plan on doing while I'm there... sipping on some fresh coconut juice and sitting under some sun.

Last year we went to Cuba as well, but I didn't get to love me some sun because I was taking Accutane - a med for acne that makes one photosensitive and I BURNED unless I had a LAYER of visible sunscreen (60 SPF btw) on my skin. It was soooo bad that I had water blisters and my skin peeled from my shoulders all the way down to my fingers. This year I'm hoping to lay under the sun (still with SPF 60 on me, don't want melanoma thank you very much!) or swim in the pool or snorkel in front of our resort and love me some coral reef.

Hoping to meet some nice people while we're away like we did last year - Tina & Bonnie. I also want to do some adventuring, we're going to rent two mopeds for a couple of days (maybe even a week) and explore the near by city (25ish km) which is the 2nd largest city in Cuba, it's called Santiago de Cuba. We're supposed to lift off at 1530hrs and hubby said that he'll bring us somewhere for lunch before we go. OH I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED (as if you couldn't tell!)

I'll try to post some pics when I return. Hope everyone has a great week while I'm off enjoying myself some sun and warm water.

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