Monday, February 4, 2013

Reading a whole book is hard!

I'm nearing the end of one of my courses that I had to do. It was developmental psych throughout the lifespan. For the course I had to read EVERY chapter for this stupid course. Sounds easy enough right? NOT AT ALL!!!!

I made it through it though, finished my last chapter today. Now I only have a week to complete ALL the coursework associated with it as well as 3 other quizzes.

We'll see how well I do in this one. I'll certainly be working my ass off though.

Now I have like 6 papers that I have to write, don't know if I have to use APA guidelines or not. Will suck if I do. I verily dislike APA, it's so incredibly technical and irritating; anyone else agree???!!!

Sometimes I hate coursework. Other times I feel so motivated to get it done because I know that I'm one step closer to getting my degree and being able to move where I want, getting the job I want, etc... Oh I can't wait to walk across the stage to accept my degree and show everyone that I made it. I succeeded where others believed I would fail. Oh I can't wait for that moment. And that moment WILL come. First I have to put in the hard work.

So here I come papers and quizzes, cuz I'm going to conquer your ass!!!!

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