Thursday, June 6, 2013

Admission package prep

the deadline for fall admission into the nursing part of the program has come and gone - could be why I've been a bit MIA. I had to make sure that I saw my MD regarding a current TB skin test. Also make sure that I was immune to stuff (which I know I'm not but got ANOTHER booster - evidently the one I had like 3 yrs ago didn't work). Had to get up-to-date on my BCLS. And I had to take the dreaded TEAS exam - to get entry to the nursing program.

Long story short, I passed 3 of 4 sections. I failed by ONE question on the english/grammar part. I feel stupid. I know english but man when they give you these answers, they all look the same. And after doing the other 3 parts I felt like my brain AND eyes gave up on me.

Tonight I took a practice test (only 10 questions) and STILL didn't pass it I wanted to FREAK - but I even went over it with my BFF and she made the same mistakes I did (save for one) so it made me feel not so stupid.

The thing with this part of the exam is that it fucks with my disability. Whenever they want me to choose the "best" answer or find an error in a sentence - I don't always see a clear answer. The shitty part is that none of these english questions have ANYTHING to do with nursing, so it's not like my "critical thinking" skills are being used. GRRRRRR

I only have one more shot to pass this goddamn thing. My deadline is June 13 - please pray for me, I need to get this passed!!!!!!

On a separate note, I hurt my back again. I lifted one of little tyke's toys and tweaked my back (never a good sign) and when I went into work yesterday and let my resource nurse know that my back wasn't feeling 100% and whether I could have minimal 1 assist or independent pt's - I was told to go to Occupational health and talk to them. She wouldn't deal with it on a unit level. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR and then when I got there, they were in meetings and didn't get back to me and so I ended up hurting myself while at work. Now it's an issue of whether it's an injury at work or outside of work. UGH!!!!!!!!! Man I can't wait until I'm an RN and can work with babies - where I'm VERY unlikely to hurt my back!!!!

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