Thursday, September 26, 2013

Call me confused

Got the rough draft of one of my APA papers (have I mentioned how much I HATE APA???) but made sure that I did my paper VERY specific to APA. So much so that the comments that my teacher tells me that I don't have to do it so specific - WHAT???!!! I was told not to reference within a reference (although it's supposed to be that way).

Then when I'm FINALLY able to see the paper and check out the comments made on the paper, they don't even reference ANY of the comments she made separately from the comments on the paper. Ya, call me confused on the entire matter!

So ya, I have very little that I have to change on my paper - YAY, less work that I have to do. Though there's certainly more to be done.

Specifically I have a care plan that has to be done, I'll post more about this in another post.

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