Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trying to catch up

Being behind in school work has really stressed me out. This week I have a med test due by sunday, a SOAP note - minus the AP - so it just includes the subjective and objective aspects of an assessment. I also have an APA paper due that I'm not QUITE sure what I should be writing. I understand that the prof is just trying to ensure that we have APA under control and that we understand it but I just don't know what I should be writing. Therefore I'm slightly bullshitting and hoping that I hit the bullseye.

I got one of my papers back - one of the ones due the weekend of my surgery - the prof assistant only deducted 1.5 marks and if she hadn't, I would have gotten perfect. YAY!!!!!!!!! Hoping this next assignment - that I have finished and due sunday - that I get perfect for that one. It wasn't as indepth as the other one but it's certainly long enough - 20+ pages of questions that I have to ask a mother about her child's development. I used hubby's cousin whom I have know for over 5 yrs and I knew most of the answers so I just had to verify alot of the information.

I have pharmacology this semester as well - I'm pretty behind on that course. Trying my best to catch up. Alot of reading for that course and subsequent testing of the information. Good thing is is that I have to dispense quite a bit of meds and a variety at that at work and so it's not to bad to "learn" it.

Now to get back to this stupid paper...

Oh and the Doc called me today, wants to see me tomorrow to discuss the results of the swab that he took on Tues - I'm sure that I'll be started on antibiotics tomorrow.

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