Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a hurting gal!

Hubby and I could stand to lose a few pounds... In Aug we want to take a road trip through to Texas (hey gotta scope out where I want to practice right!) and we BOTH want to be in shape and comfortable wearing summer clothing - including beach wear.

So my BFF had a baby 6 months ago and she found this exercise program and has been working it for the last 90 days - that's how long the program is.... it's called bikini body mommy....

and MAN is a doozer. We did it for two days and spent the next two barely able to walk. We're not on day four and I'm scared to go and look to see what we have to do! But I promised him that if HE stuck with it, so would I. So we've been exercising together mainly and when we aren't we've been doing it seperately then calling the other once we do it so that we are accountable to each other. I promised him I wouldn't lie about not doing it (curious as to why he thinks I would because I don't lie to him). So I'm hoping that by Aug we drop a bunch of weight.... I would be happy even with inches lost so long as it's a lot of them!

I'm definately not ready to post any sort of pics, maybe when we're done with it perhaps? We'll see.

On a different note....

Yesterday we celebrated little tykes birthday - let me tell you, she was one excited girl!!!!!!!!

The evening before, I put little tyke to bed and waited to make sure that she was asleep and then we decorated the house in her honor. Let me tell you, when she woke up in the morning she was BEAMING!!!!!!!!!! She ran into the bedroom, into my arms and exclaimed "Mommy, I'm 5, I'm 5!!!!" It was incredibly precious. Then she proceeded to tell me about all the decorations and how some of the balloons had her name on them. Ya she was stoked to say the least! Totally made all the effort worth it! I'll have to post some pics though, she was so happy and so was everyone else. She is a VERY loved child!


  1. Oh my gosh, will you be my accountability partner for this workout too?! Also, making your children's birthdays and holidays special now will give her a lifetime of memories. I cherish the memories of waking up on Easter morning and all the little things my parents did to make that special or the mommy and me birthday dates. How cute!


  2. Thanks! We tend to make every other year a really big deal - save a few dollars to use the other year! I agree tho, I remember when my parents would make my birthday a big deal. And christmas was always the biggest deal. Ahhhh the memories