Friday, April 4, 2014


A feeling I can certainly say I feel at the moment.

Here's what's on my plate...

Sunday previous - MAJOR test - only got 73% on it (boo!)
Tuesday this past - 3 quizzes - not too bad but a TON of reading for it
Tomorrow - MAJOR paper due - still reading resources, got my quotes picked out (mainly) but still have to get it put together

Saturday - working days then coming home and studying immediately BECAUSE....
Sunday - another MAJOR test - can't say I feel prepared for it! Oh and I have to also work days! Plus I have a discussion board post due and my final draft of my paper for my one course (finished that one already at least)

Then Tuesday I have 2 more quizzes - TON of reading for them.
Friday - MAJOR paper due - mostly done - still have to complete the editing though.
Sunday another discussion board - and I work saturday and sunday evenings.

And it just keeps going like that with a few more tests and quizzes thrown in for good measure!

Seriously, I'm only JUST keeping my head above water - it doesn't help that this paper that's due tomorrow is NOT a subject that interests me (so as to try my ADHD!) and the psych course is the bane of my existance (I hate the subject - and hate is a strong word but it so aptly fits!). I just keep telling myself to take one day at a time, it's the only way I'm surviving.

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