Friday, August 8, 2014

Is my life ever without drama?! Part four

So five days later and little tyke's cough isn't any better (and you can feel the junk in her chest when she coughs), but at least her ears feel better and her tonsils look better so at least the antibiotic is working on something.... but something needs to be done about her pneumonia so I called the office and spoke with the secretary about getting the Dr to call in a different antibiotic cuz it's not working for her pneumonia.... and she said that she would pass it on and then once she heard one way or another, would call me back. I figured that the doc would because he actually listens to me and trusts my ability to assess (and diagnose acurately).


No one called me back yesterday, but someone ELSE called me this morning.... to indicate that the OTHER secretary did NOT give the note to the Dr....

OOOOOOOOOooooooo I was LIVID!!!!!! I tried REAL hard not to get angry with her since it wasn't HER that didn't pass the message on.... she said that she would put it on his desk as soon as the call was finished, but that he wouldn't be in the office til tomorrow. UGH!

I swear, this doc had better call my prescription into the pharmacy!!!!

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