Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fighting the system and my husband

Talked to the chairperson today and was told that she had very little power to over-ride the professor and "make" her do what I want and allow me to take the course even though I would be completing the clinical hours in the first two weeks.

I explained the second half of my call and that if I wasn't permitted to take the course I want, then she needed to help me out in getting me into the other available nursing course that I could take (she said that she couldn't help me get into a nursing course with a clinical component)... which she said that she would speak to THAT professor as well.

And she would get back to me... though no time line was offered :(

This week's work for school isn't too rough, I have a quiz and an assignment (with the online simulation thingy they have us doing) so not too bad except next week we have not one but TWO exams and my husband is UBER concerned about and so is getting all stressed out about and naturally taking it out on me.... he expects me to be studying 24 hrs a day - or at least doing so in front of him.... which is not how I work/do things. So of course he takes it upon himself to
"make sure" I do by downloading this week's power points (which I had already done) without actually talking to me.... but he didn't do it out of a place of love, he did it from that critical point of view where he thinks I'm slacking off. If he had just opened up his mouth and talked to me, I wouldn't have yelled at him, lost my cool and gotten upset.

Thing is, ya, I slack when he's around because he only has 2 days off and I like to spend time with him - when he isn't around, I study - I do my work. I'm not stupid, I do want to succeed. I want to pass this course. Why would I choose to spend 3x the amount of $$ to FAIL???!!!

So ya, I'm fighting so many areas and it's frustrating and irritating. Goodness, I don't know why this is always so bloody hard!

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