Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Geeze Louise

So I've put in for the next course and was in contact with the professor to find out how quickly I can start the clinical hours. Only to be told (after a bunch of emails back and forth) in the end that I'm not allowed to take the course because my clinical hours won't be spread throughout the semester (dude - I'm doing school nursing... I don't know of schools that go throughout the summer - yes I know summer school exists in highschool but I'm not in one). WTH!!!!

I've had MAJOR issues finding a placement and then when I do, I'm STILL not able to utilize it. How can this be?!

So I went over the professor's head and went to the chairperson of the program - someone who can hopefully have my back and help me out. Last semester when I was having difficulties, she had my back, so I'm hoping that she'll have my back again and step in on my behalf.

Problem is, is that if I can't take this course, then I won't have any ability to take any courses because all the ones that I'm eligible for are filled or closed so I can't enroll in them. Ugh, just my luck!

Oh ya, and I was told a couple of days ago by my education counsellor that I'm somehow missing a course and have to "fit" it in somewhere, somehow before winter semester.... and the course is filled up for the summer semester already and I can't take it in the fall so I have NO clue what I can possibly do.

So ya, I feel like I keep getting sucker punched left and right. Just when I feel like the pieces are falling into place, I get punched in the gut again. Hopefully I can hear good news tomorrow when I reach out to the chairperson by telephone.

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