Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Almost 2 yrs in

So I've been on the injured list for almost 2 yrs...

I went to my surgeon several weeks ago and had him sign off on my paperwork (which is what Oc Health told me I HAD to do) so that I only work Thurs-Sun - which is what I've been doing for more than a year (off and on)....

Then to be told by them that they REFUSED what my surgeon indicated - pretty much word for word for the last 2 yrs -- how in the world do they do from being ok with me working up to 4 days to saying that there isn't sufficient compelling object medical information to support my accomodation

Dude, the information hasn't changed!!!! So how the hell is that possible?! honestly!!!

First thing I did was call my union rep cuz there's NO way that this will fly! He thought it was ridiculous and said that he would get on it pronto. So tomorrow I will follow-up with him about this because it's stupid and insane. How can they refuse medical that they've accepted throughout this time period?! We shall see who reigns as victor!

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