Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another one down

I officially got my marks for my courses -

Food history = A

Nursing for adults III = B-

Hubby isn't too thrilled about the B- but I have indicated that I was feeling burnt out this semster so it's pretty good in my book. I would have preferred a B or even a B+ but it is what it is. I'm just excited that I made it through the course that has been the bane of my nursing education journey. So I'm hoping that now that I have that under my boots that the rest will be smooth sailing.

Now that I have that over and done with I set my sights on the next researchish course for my program. Unfortunately we have to have groups - something I'm not impressed about. Something I'm certainly NOT looking forward to. However, one thing I learned from the last round is that I will stand up and be leader of this group - because at least I get some say in how the group is managed.

Then this fall I start in on Nursing for adults IV - AKA critical care - doing placement in the ER. And while that course will be UBER busy, I have to do an english course on top of it. Wish me luck!!!

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