Saturday, June 6, 2015

Planning a mommy and daughter day

About 6 months ago I took it upon myself to take my little girl for a mommy and daughter date

We went shopping then I took her for lunch

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Then the other day I saw that my favorite consignment store was having a sale this coming weekend.

So yesterday after my Dr's appt I took a swing by and sure enough in the front window they had a sign about their upcoming sale.

So that cinched the deal and told hubby what I was going to do. He wasn't so psyched but gave the go ahead.

Then I told little girl about it and her response was "sure, and then we can go to Popeye's!"

HILARIOUS! It's the one place that Daddy doesn't like to go to so it's perfect.

Now I can't wait to go shopping with my little girl and get it for good prices!

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