Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I do exist, I am around, I am still surviving

Just minimally and it depends on which moment you ask me!

I have another email in the works but school work comes before blog

But I figured I would at least update the damn thing since it's been a while and the last one I wrote wasn't exactly all sunshine and lollipops!

I'm still having wicked headaches and a few migraines (like the one I had yesterday that is still persisting a bit even now) - and so I've been struggling.

I think we've dealt with the metabolic acidosis - I still have to have the blood test to confirm but how I feel is normal besides the headaches.

Clinical is done - YAY - I passed - YAY! Now I just have to get through the course work and the exams. UGH exams. Who ever decided on exams should be taken out back and crucified - serious - strung up on a pole and made to suffer slowly - because that's how I feel about getting ready for exams. They are absolute torture!

My plans to have my next and very  last clinical be in Texas has not panned out :( - the ones that have agreements with my uni won't accept a student right now (arseholes!) and the other ones that I've contacted said that they already have contracts with local schools - so my goal to do my last clinical in Texas has failed :(  I'm very sad about this. I was really hoping to have this happen. I want to live in Texas and I think that if I had my last placement be there then possibly I might be offered a job afterwards - at least the liklihood is higher.... plus then they could see my skills and won't immediately discount me just because I'm Canadian and not American!  Alas, I have to go to my tried and true place - this will be my third time going there, I actually get back my same preceptor which is good because we rocked together so I'm hoping we do again and all things will go swimmingly. Now I just need to get through exams. So I suppose I should get back to studying for those damn things!

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