Sunday, May 29, 2016

A new day

I've been ok - my IIH has been stable, my headaches have been relatively low - I've only had one in the last week or so that I've had to medicate. This includes pain across my shoulders.

I've been to clinical - that was fun! We had a patient come in with a possible stroke - and I saw before my eyes as her symptoms started to ease up.... so she was declared a TIA.... on telemetry it was showing A-fib - no doubt that's what caused her symptoms. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell her this. We shipped her to a stroke-appropriate hospital for further testing and management.

Then there was a patient who went to walk home from the community club through the woods and fell - breaking their ankle and spent the entire night in the woods crawling out of it to reach someone to get help. Plus it had rained overnight!

There was a couple of other things but suffice it to say, this time was interesting and fun so I really enjoyed myself. Plus I love my preceptor so it makes it even that much more enjoyable.

School is pretty good too - I've gotten my assignment done from last semester and I've been working on the assignments for the new class - with this new class we are all reflective and la ti da - so in touch with our emotions and what not. It's a bunch of BS but I'm pretty good at it so we'll see how I do! The other aspect of this class is pharmacology - this is one area that's a bit trickier because there is a TON of medications ya'all!!!!! I hope I can pass that part with good results, I really want a good mark in this class!

Last week marked EIGHT years that I've been married - WOW! Considering what we've been through I'm surprised that we've made it to this point. Living with his family has NOT been easy, major understatement! If I had known that things would be like this I certainily wouldn't have agreed to this - it's been really difficult on our marriage living here. But if things work out, I graduate in December! Then we're going to Pakistan for my BILs wedding - that should be interesting! After that we plan to move... so lots of changes to come. Now to just get through this class and onto the LAST class of my BSN!!!!

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  1. Oh lady, I'm glad it sounds like you're doing better! I hope your IIH continues to remain manageable. I am so excited for you to finish up with your BSN and to move on with your life and nursing career!