Friday, June 3, 2016

I got the worst news from my mom

Ok, maybe not THE worst news, but pretty darn close

I called my mama yesterday, not unusual - we talk often enough. Plus her and dad (plus my brother & SIL and nephew) are supposed to come visit in a couple of weeks so we had a bit to talk about.

Well we were talking and I was like "hey, I just got my mark back on my last class - a B+!"

her - "well done - so do you want to hear some bad news?"

me - "not really, but what's up"

her - "well we're not going to be coming to your graduation"

me - "omg - I'm going to cry" - then the phone hung up.... and my husband came up from behind me (he WAS downstairs while I was talking to her, because when I was talking to her I was making the  meat stuff for hamburgers for dinner and thought he was still down there) and said

hubby - "it's ok, it'll be ok" and I started to just break down

I couldn't believe that finally graduating and my mom isn't going to be to see me get my degree. Ya'll don't understand how supportive my  mom had been of me getting my educaation. When I was trying to get my degree the first time and Big boy was really little, she would watch him so that I could go to clinical. If I had a big paper/assignment and needed time to focus on that, nana and papa would babysit him.

I called her back, still crying and thanked her for telling me. I'm certain it wasn't easy for her to tell me or to listen to me cry over the phone. At least I have another six months for this news to really sink in and I hope I'm not as devestated by the fact that my parents won't see me get my nursing degree.

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  1. Oh Nurse Dee! I'm terribly sorry dear lady! I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for you. Take lots of pictures and know that she's wanting to be there with you to celebrate. Oh goodness, I pray you still have a wonderful time at graduation. I know it will be difficult, and it's okay to be upset. I'll be with you there in spirit! You're doing it! You're gonna be graduating!!! You worked so hard to be able to come to graduation and I'm sure your mom and whole family are soooooo proud of you. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it has been for you with children and all of the health issues you have had to faced but you faced it all with strength and dignity and grace and now you are almost to the other side!!!