Monday, October 24, 2016

3 wks out of the game

A lot has happened, which is why I've been MIA.

Last night I had my MASSIVELY IMPORTANT ATI test - the comprehensive predictor test - the one test in my ENTIRE nursing education that matters. If I don't pass it, I fail my course (if I fail the second attempt that is) and have to repeat the course, which would then push my graduation date and would screw up my current GPA of 3.5!

So I've been busy studying for that thing - which I PASSED!!!!!!  OMG what a weight has been lifted! And because I passed this, arrangements can FINALLY be made for us to get there for the pinning ceremony (evening before) and graduation. My husband has purposely not allowed him nor I to get excited about the upcoming graduation because this one test would decide my future. Now that I've passed it, you bet I'm being ecstatic and seriously want to scream it from the tip top of this new house.

Oh ya, did I mention that we moved into a new house? Probably not, considering I've been a bit busy. But never the less, we moved. I don't really like the new house. I wasn't consulted before an offer went in. I hate that there isn't two separate living room areas that are enclosed somehow so that the sound from one won't interfere with the other. It's incredibly frustrating. Plus I was promised my own bathroom with a shower. Ya, didn't get that one either! I got a sink and a toilet and a shower I am told I can't use because the glass isn't installed yet. But my wants and desires are always put on the back burner in this family so who am I to say anything!

On a different note. I've applied for a bunch of nursing residencies. For every one that I applied to I've been contacted for an interview for. And for two I've been asked to go to their hospitals for interviews/match day. And for the one that I was actually able to go to for an in-person interview. Then just the other day I received an email from the one place I did the in-person interview with that attached an "employee benefits package"!!! So I'm hoping that this is a great clue that I'll be getting an offer very soon!!!

I really, really hope that it's critical care; even better would be NICU, but I doubt it. Either way, I would still take this position though, it would be quite the experience. This one hospital alone has SIX, count em six ICUs!!! Plus they have 5 other hospitals that I can transfer into after the fact. Perhaps I can get into PICU or NICU afterwards.

As great as these parts of my life have been my work life has suffered BIG time. So my IIH is still a major issue. Whenever I work I either end up with a migraine during the shift or the next day. Friggin sucked! And considering I'm not going to work while on narcotics, I needed to have my shifts spread out. So I couldn't work the "required" weekend like my collective agreement states I need to be doing every other weekend. So my physician noted that I need to have at least two days between my work days. But otherwise, I can work the required jobs that a nurse does. But when my Occupational health person got my medical documents and talked with my manager who indicated that that wasn't an option on our unit. SUCH BULLSHIT!!!! The other unit my manager is responsible is closed now due to renovations and such and so all the nurses from there are transferring into our unit - so it's not like there's a shortage of nurses or anything - ones who would be able to work those shifts that I can't!!! So I'm off work now because my manager won't agree to me working what my medical documentation indicates I need to. Plus, the Oc Health Dr wants to meet with me to discuss my IIH and how I'm impacted from it (assuming so since I don't actually know). So now I have a meeting with this Dr on thursday. Kinda pissed that I have to go through this kind of BULLSHIT.

Another piece of BS that I had to deal with was trying to get my daughter started at her new school. OMG such a process!!!! They need documentation that you bought a house in their district, but also require a bill in our name (which we wouldn't have received for another 3 wks!!!) - but won't take house insurance!!!! I wanted to scream at that about the idiocy of their policy. After a bunch of "going over the heads of the lower ppl to get to the ones who make the decisions" we finally got her started. Then on Friday I was told to come pick her up early from school because she had head lice - AGAIN!!!! So I treated her before even seeing if she was infested but when I combed out her hair with the little brush, there were NO nits or lice. So ya, kinda pissed about that. And they also make you go to your physician to get cleared and get documentation that there's no infestation or they can't go back to school!!!! So guess what I have to do in the morning?!

So ya, I've had a lot going on these past couple of weeks. I'll try to remember to tell you all about my nurse residency adventures. My life, as always, is never boring.

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  1. Man alive girl, you've had quite the roller coaster in life lately. Keep on keepin' on. Congrats on your test!