Monday, October 31, 2016

A paper is worth more than friendship

For the last two weeks I've been undertaking a paper for school.... with a friend that I've been doing this whole thing with since the beginning. We didn't start out knowing each other, but became friends at the beginning of this journey. I learned that we were strong academically and so when this last course came up, we asked if we could partner up for the papers that we have to do.


This most recent paper she did her parts quickly. And expecting the same of me. Problem is is that with my IIH, things take me a bit longer. Plus our sleep schedules are opposite and she expected things done on her timeline. She expected updates and work to be done even though I was still in the prep part.

So this upset her and she went to the teacher and threw me under the bus. She chose the paper over our friendship. When I responded I was so shocked. I explained what was going on and thankfully the prof saw what was real. I even stated about how there was still 10 days left before the paper was due, she didn't need to freak out because the paper wasn't complete.

I couldn't believe that this happened.

So now I'm left to pick up the pieces and pretty much just do my part and get this over with. I am so hurt that she did this. She knows what I've been going through and that still didn't matter.

I guess I finish this journey alone.

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  1. Oh Nurse Dee, I am so sorry that happened. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of friends the final semester too. I don't know what it is. Between people being too type A to know when to calm the F*** down, to some people dragging up random drama from nothing, to any other number of issues, it seems the last little bit of nursing school is a time where everyone separates and begins to have troubles. I am so sorry you are having to go through this! I'm glad your professor is helping you and giving you grace though.