Saturday, December 24, 2016

Making it come together

I always wanted to have the opportunity to decorate my grad cap but because we went to graduation the day before and only had the chance to pick up the cap and gown just prior to the actual commencement ceremony. So hubby and I talked about still doing that since being back.

Even better, I'm going to do a shadow box!What's that you ask? Well I'm going to use the nursing top that my uni made us buy/wear which I'll use as most of the background and I have my name tag that I used in clinical.... then I have my pinning ceremony booklet as well as my pin.... then I have my graduation cap (once I have it completely decorated) and my commencement booklet. Plus I figure once we have a few of the photos developed from the ceremonies, then I can put them into the display as well.

I want to put a saying here and there as well such as....

“I always dreamed of success, now I’ve achieved it”
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
We'll see how inspirational I am for the sayings or what I can find on the internet (fyi, I found those somewhere there!).

However, this stuff may have to sit on the back burner a little bit as I've already received my ATT!!!! And with that I've already scheduled my boards. I'm nervous as heck. I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid of diappointment. I have a LOT riding on my boards! For those who don't know, if you fail your boards, you have to wait another FORTY FIVE DAYS in order to sit for them again!!! By that point my residency will have begun already! But I can't push my board back because I have to go through license verification and visa crap in order to get my shit together for the residency! So like I said, a LOT is riding on getting my stuff done right the first time! But boy does this pressure do something terrible to my head. For the last day I've been fighting a nasty headache/migraine. It's no fun! I can't wait until I can just kinda skate through life again! hahahaha.... the way my life is, I don't see that happening for a long long long long time!!! So wish me luck on getting this done successfully the first time!

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