Saturday, December 31, 2016

Admitting Procrastination

I'm currently in the throes of studying for the NCLEX-RN.... or procrastinating. Yep, I admit it. This is pretty much  me....

I have to constantly keep myself on track or else I'm trying to do other things - check out allnurses, look for what might be better ways to study, hell even trying to find other blogs to start reading. Yo, any new blogs out there? Shoot me a line, I'll come check them out!!!! It seems that lately none of my usual blogs are writing anything that I can use as a way to procrastinate with - wth?! Guess it's God's way of telling me to keep my eye on the prize or something!

So this meme is also me while studying. Geeze my ADHD is kicking me in the head. It's been hard to keep on track and keep focused. I don't know whether the way I'm studying is the way I'm supposed to be but hey, that's the way I'm doing it. Now when we moved to this new house, I pretty much got rid of ALLLLL my notes and books (lots of my books but not all) - but all my notes for sure - cuz I wasn't thinking about the NCLEX and so this meme is definately me =>

The expression on that person's face (bottom) is pretty much mine at the moment. I am SO done and yet I still have a bunch of days left that I have to use to study. So I guess that expression will be mine for the next two weeks.

Just hope that I can hold on to some kind of motivation to actually study and retain information. I need to get through questions and information as well as remediate on information I got wrong. But geeze, it's difficult when hubby is gone too and he was my kick in the butt. Even though he annoyed me to high heaven, he did it for the best of intention and for the betterment of me. I miss him already and he's only been gone for a day! hahahaha

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