Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I haven't forgotten I've just been busy

So I know I haven't been posting a whole lot, it's not that I haven't had much to say. Oh the contrary. I've been so busy with my residency. And with moving into my apartment. And of course with EVERYTHING, things have gone wrong and tipsy turvy.

So for my residency we do 15 weeks where we have 24 hours on the unit with a preceptor and 12 hours in the classroom learning various things that are pertinent to our respective residency routes. Mine is newborn-peds (YAY!!!) - but I'm also having a smidgen of time (a week exactly) on mother-baby (ie post-partum).... this area I'm ok with b/c at least at that point mom has already had the baby and so less to do with mom and there's stuff to do with baby. That I can handle! L&D has too much mom and not enough baby - plus too much complication potential.

Then I get to have a week of NICU then two weeks of PICU and then a week of something (TBA) then two weeks of Peds then the rest are TBA. Then once we are in the last week, our academy director/facilitator has a discussion with all the unit directors (ie managers) about us academcy nurses and how we performed and whether we would be a good fit for their unit and it's basically match day because we're expected to decide on our top 3 choices on hospitals and units that we want our home unit to be after wk 15 for the rest of the year (or permanently as I believe it).

So it's kinda crazy how this is going to go because there's only me and another girl in my route because the third girl failed her NCLEX exam and had to drop out of the academy. I just hope that there's plenty of jobs, and not just one that is between her or I getting. The information that I have to learn includes EKG and PALS - hopefully it's not too complicated and overwhelming. Oh the things that I will learn....

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