Saturday, February 4, 2017

The time has come

For things to change.... a LOT

We FINALLY got word that my visa stuff got approved and so things have started to move quickly!

We told the family yesterday that I would be moving on monday - four days from now! And why should I not be surprised but they were not happy for me. To be honest, I think that they were shocked. They were upset that I was going by myself and that I would be leaving little tyke and hubby here in Canada and going and living by myself in the southern US.

Now I'm in a bit of a panic to get everything done - my medical records to take with me (done today!), I also have to pack (still have to start that - heck I still have to get boxes!), get my prescription meds done for the next 6 months (at least then I won't have to feel pressured to find doctors where I will be working/living. This turned into a nightmare and maybe I'll write a whole post on it, we'll see! Man, my life is never boring!

Tomorrow I have to go to the DMV to go get my driver's abstract because when I return to Canada then there will be a history of my driving record, otherwise I will have to start ALL OVER AGAIN and I have a pretty darn good driving record if I do say so myself! Because as soon as I go to the DMV in the state where I settle (which is required in the first 6 weeks) I have to surrender my Canadian license to the DMV.

Tomorrow (which is now today because I had to continue writing the post on the next day) I went and got money exchanged and paid child support of Big boy who lives in home town, that should be interesting experience once I move and have to pay it - maybe it'll be hubby paying it on my behalf - we'll see. Right now I have to pay it once a month by a certain date and pay it directly into their account and so I just go to the bank and get it done. At least that's one thing checked off my list of things to get done before I leave!

Then I had to go procur some boxes! Of course for free! Who doesn't like something for free?! I do, I do!!! Well my mom works in a grocery store and she taught me a long time ago that they have the best boxes for moving - for free!!! If you go and see the produce ppl, ask them for apple boxes in particular - they are built stronger and have really nice lids. Then my next choice would be banana boxes - as long as they have lids - if not, I leave them. The thing about banana boxes though is that on the bottom there is an area in the middle where there is no bottom - so you kinda have to do a bit of arts and crafts if you're willing to take these boxes - simply take other boxes, rip them apart and run a section down the middle of the box to help support the bottom of the box from the inside. Plus for larger boxes all you have to do is look to the grocery area and talk to the ppl there and ask for the bigger boxes and normally all they'll ask you for is your name and ask you to come back for them at a certain time because they'll save them for you. Either way - this is the stage that I'm at... I have to go get my boxes tomorrow morning.

Then I had to talk to my recruiter (who is the senior recruiting manager thankfully) about drafting another offer letter as there were items missing or things that I needed added to it for when I need to go across US/Canadian border monday morning. But of course, in my life, things never go according to plan and so I had to track them down again later down in the day because the letter had to be changed yet again but in the end was able to get to a satisfactory point. Hubby was able to help me with finding the rest of the information on the CBP website in order to write my own letter that supplements my offer letter because my recruiter couldn't couldn't put certain information in it. Point is is that my work wants me but won't sponsor me to stay around forever and so I must go with a NAFTA (I'm sure you've heard about this in the news lately) related visa in which it runs out at the end of three years and must be renewed if I want to stay at this hospital in this position.

So pretty much Saturday will be spent trying to get the med situation figured out - seriously, it's a shit show! And I also have to pack - EVERYTHING - I seriously haven't packed a thing yet. I also have some organizing that needs to be done. Because once I leave, hubby needs to still be a dad - I don't want him to come back here and check out of being a dad - letting his mom take over all the responsibilities of being the parent of little tyke. So these next few days are going to be very very busy! So I suppose I should go to bed and get some sleep. Those boxes aren't going to fill themselves!

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