Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A new doc - interesting one too!!!

I hurt all over from my personal training session today. My trainer's name is Megan - and man does she know how to make me hurt! I guess that's a good thing, I suppose it means that I'll build up muscle and trim down the fat. Now to just see the big changes!!!

On a different note... we got a new doctor to our unit/hospital. I like him! I like that he's down to earth, that he's willing to ask a nurse what they think about a treatment plan, that he's not afraid to ask questions when he's unsure about something, that he's a fellow muslim (though you would NEVER know that since he has a GERMAN last name... like SERIOUS german last name!). When I was talking to him, I found out that he was born in Pakistan and was adopted by a german couple - when I asked if he was christian/catholic or muslim (>95% of the population of Pakistan is muslim so the odds are good that he would be as well) and he indicated that He was muslim, and when I asked what his parents were, he indicated that they were also muslim. INTERESTING!!! I wasn't quite prepared for that one, but like I said, he is a VERY interesting person.

I'll try to write another story tomrorow... an interesting one about a doctor actually doing what is good for the patient, even if they aren't the MRP (Most Responsible Physician/GP).

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