Monday, February 20, 2012

I need to live somewhere else!!!

Living in this house is starting to make me depressed. Can you believe that I actually escape TO the gym???!!!! I thought that THAT would never happen but alas it does! I wish I could have tonight but unfortunately, today is "family day" for those of you Canadians - "President's day" for those American folk who read this blog, and with that comes early closure times or not open at all.... and my gym closed aat 3pm today. And of course when I wanted to escape, it was after that time.

The next best thing... a bubble bath, BY MYSELF!!!! I locked myself in my in-law's bathroom for an hour and a half and caught up on Pan Am and just enjoyed the quietness. The awesome thing about their bath tub is that it has jets... which is UBER fun with a bit of bubble bath.... INSTANT bubbles. And when the bubbles get too high, you turn off the jets for a bit and the bubbles go down. When they get a little too low, turn the jets back on and voila bubbles again!

Now of COURSE hubby tried to come into the bathroom.... which I wouldn't let him - he'd just interfere with my serenity. Then came little tyke- who OF COURSE insisted that SHE needed a bath. And I mean, who could blame her. So I let her in after listening to her bang on the door and whine for about three minutes. She LOVES baths now so it was fun watching her enjoy the bubbles. Of course hubby could hear that I let the billa (nickname for her) into the bathroom so he had to come and bug us. It was fun while it lasted and seemed to poop out the little tyke .and once bathtime was done I put lotion on her (with her help and insistence of course) and pajamas then off to bed she went.... without much of a fight either I might add!!!

Sometimes I just hate being in such a small house with sooo many ppl in here. It's cramped and we don't have a viable living area for just us. It sucks!!! It makes me frustrated and angry and depressed many times. It also sucks that when stuff happens around this house that I am not included in ANY of the communications because it's done in Urdu and I certainly don't understand enough of it. Of course none of his family (incl. hubby anymore) takes this into account because they're selfish (IMO) and could care less that I don't understand.

Many times I wish that I could fast forward a year and a half and be in Texas already!!! I want to be finished school, I want my RN degree to be completed and I want my OWN house with hubby SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Where it's JUST US (and kids of course).

I know this is probably not the lightest of posts but there it is... my REAL life!

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