Sunday, March 25, 2012

eenie meenie minie moe

So I ended up at the hospital afterall... turns out I have the symptoms associated with meningitis or encephalitis - but which one is it... hence the title.

By the time I was fed up with meds not helping my pain, I hightailed it to the hospital. Though by then my fever had broke, or was in the process of breaking thanks to tylenol and motrin being used interchangably throughout the day, when I was FINALLY triaged it was 37.8. So when I finally saw a Dr, this is what occured.

First I had blood work done and my urine sample taken. They wanted to see if I had a chest infection or something else.

Then I had a chest x-ray done, that was clear.

Had a head CT done, that was clear.

Blood work and urine sample came back clear.

Lastly I had a lumbar puncture (PAINFUL btw, helped take my mind off the migraine - thankfully I had just received some morphine before the LP so it wasn't quite as bad but DEFINATELY hurt!).... but even THAT came back clear.

So ya, Dr doesn't know what's going on with me. My symptoms are consistent with the two - I did have a high fever before, that's now gone but the migraine and positional issues still remain. As do nausea and vomitting as well as photophobia.

I'm out of the hospital for the moment - was in since thurs evening. Pretty much the Dr wants me to go to my workplace now and be admitted there because the other hospital in my city doesn't have an MRI machine and neurologists only work at the sister hospital and there's a waitlist to see them. At least if I go to my hospital, there's both there at hand.

I'm on SR morphine - not really helping - trying to remain as supine as possible. Pretty sure I'm heading to my hospital in the AM. I would go now but I just want to sleep in my OWN bed, just once. Unless this migraine goes away tonight, tho that's highly unlikely since it's lasted for 6 days now.... sooooo frustrating.

Hopefully one of the neurologists at my hospital can actually help. Here's hoping anyways!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness..I hope they figure out what is wrong!! That's terrible that they still dont know. You are in my thoughts!!