Thursday, March 29, 2012

I need to be fixed

Well I'm still in the hospital.... it's been 6 days now, and still no end in sight. I've been attached to an IV for 3 days now, KCL 20mmol NS @100mL/hr, being that my potassium was low (probably because they put so much NS through me - like 3000mL), and they wanted to give me as much fluid as possible.

As I mentioned in my previous post - the belief was that it was either meningitis or encephalitis. Well it turns out that it's neither. At least that's according to my LP, CT and subequent MRI. All of them turned out to be normal. Well technically my LP had a cell count of 4 but anything below 6 is normal. So who knows.

The neurologist believes that I have a viral migraine - that I had a virus that "bugged" my brain and the migraine was the end result. Or that I had meningitis but since I took so long to go to the hospital and see someone and find out what was wrong. The problem is is that it doesn't want to go away. It's pretty bad that I can't be upright any longer than a bathroom break without the migraine hitting me like a sack of bricks. Holy shit does it hurt!

Also, the MRP (most responsible physician) for me took the morphine away 2 days ago - she believed that I was possibly getting a rebound headache from the morphine. So pain was to be my constant companion. At least I had Toradol - until the next MRP took THAT away, with the belief that it wasn't helping so why take it. Ya, nice thought UNTIL I experienced the migraine without it... normally when I'm laying flat I can manage the migraine... well without the Toradol, it was like I was sitting or standing upright. The pain SUCKED!!!! I still don't have the Toradol, but I'm being given Motrin - it only JUST barely takes the edge off. Not really though, but trying the positive thinking.

This morning a new symptom - dizziness.... while laying flat!!! And it wasn't like I was turning my head, getting up, or doing anything AT ALL... I was laying down doing NOTHING!!!

So now I have no idea what's causing this. It sucks! I miss being at home with my family, I miss my husband and my daughter... and I know that they miss me as well.

About the dizziness, the MRP asked to have my VS taken again - they haven't changed from my original set this AM so it's not like it's from HTN or hyptension. I don't know what could have happened to cause this symptom but it's not going away - at least not yet. The MRP still hasn't come to see me since the original visit, maybe she's looking into talking to the neurologist to find out what COULD be causing it.

I guess time will tell. Hopefully I get off the IV - I've heard that my potassium is back to normal and the fluids don't seem to be improving my migraine situation. Guess we'll see about that as well.

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