Saturday, March 17, 2012

Febrile children Oh NO!

Went to bed last night and checked on the kids before getting in myself - to find out that my eldest - kiddo had a temp. I KNEW he did, just by touching him. When I finally found a thermometer (don't know where they all went, we own like 8 of them!) and checked his temp, it was 102.9 F (39.1 C) - poor kid felt like crud. Said he had a headache and his legs were hurting and he just felt crummy. Gave him some tylenol and tucked him back into bed.

Gave him tylenol and tucked him in for the night. Thankfully in the AM it was normal again. I was also thankfully that he wasn't feeling nauseous since he has a SUPER finicky/sensitive stomach and vomits VERY easily.

When he was young, I couldn't force him to eat because if I did he would vomit it all up and then I would be further away from my goal than I would have been if I had let him stop eating when he wanted to.

I also know that when kiddo says "mom, I don't feel so good" I need to find him a container to vomit in IMMEDIATELY or else it's going all over me or right in front of him, and that could mean on the floor or all over the car! Such was the last time I did drop off for visitation.

He has hockey tomorrow, hope he's feeling all together better. I hate seeing the kids sick.

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