Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vacation was interesting

So we went to Club Bucanero just outside of Santiago de Cuba. The surrounding area was spectacular, there's moutain ranges all surrounding the resort and on the one side is the ocean. And let me tell you, the ocean was always RIGHT next to us, it was BEAUTIFUL. The resort boasts about having EVERY room having an ocean view, except ours because we were right in front of the tennis court (that they didn't even have equipment for!)

What wasn't beautiful about this place was the food!!! Now, we don't expect much as we recognize that it's cuba, and this island is notorious for having bland food but even the quality of food prepared was TERRIBLE. Since we went last year to cuba, we were prepared for awful food and we brought a bag of our own spices and I also brought aunt jemima pancake mix and real maple syrup. The food was SOOOOOOOO bad that I had to make pancakes for lunch or dinner FOUR times while we were there because the food was inedible or majority of it was pork. Even the fruit that they had was mostly inedible. One of their saving graces was that they had freshly prepared bread and fresh churned butter, available at every meal.

We knew ahead of time that there wasn't much of a beach, but that there was excellent snorkeling there. And for the week that we were there, we only went snorkeling once, and even then, I was too busy talking to the friends that we made to actually do any snorkeling - hubby did tho and enjoyed it immensely. The pool that they had was nice tho, enjoyed it!

What we really enjoyed was renting the moped and going into the city. We got lost a couple of times but it was fun to try to figure out the city and where we needed to go. Heck, we even found a zoo!!!! And it wasn't even that bad to boot. They had a lot of monkeys and one had even had a baby recently and it was ADORABLE!!!. I need to learn how to put video on here and I would show you how adorable the baby monkey was. SOOOOOOOOO cute. One day we also went to the other direction and found us the acquarium and got to pet dolphins - unfortunately due to money issues they don't have fish everyday and only do dolphin swims on fridays and hubby and I got into a fight that day and I didn't want to hang with him so I didn't get a chance to swim with them. But I'm still happy I got to see them up close and touch them (a dream of mine). The pictures are in the other computer so I'll have to post them later.

Although we enjoyed the vacation, the food really ruined it, we wouldn't go back there because of it but I'm still glad that we experienced it.

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