Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy new years - tho belated

To those who read, happy new years, even if it is belated.

I've been working hard and hardly working. What I mean by that is that I worked for christmas and then from Dec. 29 til Jan 8th I was off and boy was it glorious!!!

During the POT I was able to head home for some R&R, family style! And let me tell you, it was woderful! At least for the most part. I got into a massive fight with the 11yr old (hello hormones teen style!) and he decided he wanted to go back to A-hole's, so that's exactly what I did.... and we didn't see each other for the rest of the visit that I was home for. Hurt my feelings, but hey, that's what he's doing almost all the time these days, I should be used to it. Though I'm not. Totally sucks, but I have to be "adult" about it and not let it bother me long term. Not having great success at this one. Sometimes I just want to take a step back and be like "contact me when you turn 18" but I don't want to abandon him, even though he already believes that I did when I moved here. UGH!!!!

When I returned to work I was given a wonderfully relaxed assignment. It was heavenly! It was funny monday evening when we had a RT come and do an assessment for one of the unit pt's and I made the comment that neurology was the best unit, and she agreed. Her reason was different from my own (we have *unique* nurses here) when she indicated that the nurses on neuro don't complain about their floor and the difficulty of their pt's. My response to her, "ya, because we're just so used to how rediculously heavy our pt load is and it isn't going to change so why moan and groan about it". Ya, she certainly didn't disagree with me, and neither did the other two nurses that were having the converstaion with us!

Coming back here sucked though, I hate living in this house. It's insanely difficult to get any studying/reading done, the 3yr old is NEVER being taken care of by the extended family and therefore I don't see the benefits of living all under one roof anymore. I WANT TO MOVE!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, hubby doesn't agree and so it's the bane of conversations with him.

He knows how miserable I am living here, however he's not willing to move out. He figures I should just deal. Thing is, is that when we moved here the thought was only that we would live with them for a year and that we would either move out or buy a MUCH bigger house. Neither of which has occured.

I'm done, I don't know how else to put it or what else I can say to hubby to get him on board with what I need (not want). ERG!!! Well I guess I've ranted enough, til next time - peace out!

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